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  1. DaveMac1974

    My A6 Avant Problems!

    I must have won the C8 A6 lottery, because I don't have any of these problems it seems! No dash rattles, RSAP works fine (on Note 8 and Note 10), no sticky door handles, no issue with half locking door. I've had 2 previous auto A6's, so I'm probably used to any sluggishness, but I can't say it...
  2. DaveMac1974

    Audi C8 A6 Avant 45TFSI thoughts/musings

    I'm now up to 3.5k miles in my 45TFSi Black Edition Saloon, and my total average mpg has just hit 30mpg. My driving style would be described as "enthusiastic"! haha. The miles so far have been a mixture of urban & motorway, almost always at rush hour.
  3. DaveMac1974

    A6 Saloon - Electric boot?

    I also have the 45TFSI Black Edition with Tech pack (Saloon), and mine does not have power boot close.
  4. DaveMac1974

    MyAudi Down?

    My app is now working again, and also my saved addresses re-appeared in the car this morning.
  5. DaveMac1974

    MyAudi Down?

    I seem to have lost all of my saved addresses (home, work etc) in the car that connected to this issue, or do I have a separate issue?
  6. DaveMac1974

    A6 black edition 45 stalling

    I also have the 45 TFSI Black Edition, and this has never happened to me. I've now covered 3k miles, so definitely get it back to the dealership
  7. DaveMac1974

    Android Auto/Car Play Users

    Been meaning to see if i had this issue for ages, so tested it yesterday. I don't...the whole of my screen is functional to touch input.
  8. DaveMac1974

    A6 Avant Black Edition 50 TDI fuel economy?

    I have a quattro 45TFSi, and i can honestly say it's amazing for performance. This is my 3rd A6, having had both diesel and petrol previously, and this thing is awesome. Economy is not great, but that's probably down to my heavy right foot, and the fact that it's so much fun to drive.
  9. DaveMac1974

    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    Forgot I took this when I picked up the car! lol
  10. DaveMac1974

    No sound

    When my 2014 A6 brand newly released S-Tronic box failed after just 235 miles, I got £250 of vouchers to spend on merchandise! It ended up having a whole new box fitted.
  11. DaveMac1974

    A6 Vorsprung Edition coming to the UK

    Sounds amazing @Jules R , looking forward to the pics. I got my BE from Warrington audi just a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic service from them, and a much better experience than Liverpool Audi where I got my last A6 from.
  12. DaveMac1974

    Force Map Update

    Done the online update now, but that only installed version P0294_EU_2019.2
  13. DaveMac1974

    Force Map Update

    D'oh, of course...I'm using a new computer, and haven't installed Java yet
  14. DaveMac1974

    Force Map Update

    Can anyone download the map update from the myAudi site? All i get is a 9kb size .jnlp file
  15. DaveMac1974

    Force Map Update

    Yeah, only got it 10 days ago
  16. DaveMac1974

    Force Map Update

    @DaveW I haven't done an SD card download yet. We don't have 1 version in common, across all the software elements! lol
  17. DaveMac1974

    Force Map Update

    So the next time I was in the car last night, the download completed, and it all installed without a hitch. The version of my maps hasn't changed though from what it was before the update, so no idea what's going on. I've checked all countries in the database, and they are all the same. This is...
  18. DaveMac1974

    Force Map Update

    Just got in my car for the drive home, and my update started downloading. Got to about 80% before I got home.
  19. DaveMac1974

    Force Map Update

    I spotted this today also, as I just happen to glance down at the screen. My car came with maps version PO281_EU_2019.1. Is that what everyone else is running?
  20. DaveMac1974

    A6 Saloon 45 TFSI Quattro Black Edition

    I never really utilised the size of the avant. I previously had a 2014 A6 saloon, so thought i'd go back