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    B8 S4 Oil consumption

    I have been reading so much about the oil consumption. Mine is running buring very little compare to most people, several thousands miles for half a litre if not less. Should I be worry that the MMI not reading correctly or I should call myself lucky!?!?
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    iPad connection

    got it. Many thanks!!!
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    iPad connection

    Hi there. Does anyone know how to connect an IPad to the B8 MMI? It doesn't seem to recognise the connection by using the USB cable. Is there any setting I need to adjust before? Thanks!
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    Almighty Quattro

    Been out and about in my S4 with a set of Winter tyres over the whole weekends. Don't know what the fuss is all about. Steep hills, ungritted country lane, 6 inch snow, not a single problem. Feeling kind of bad watching people abandon their cars while I had so much fun.
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    S4 running in

    I own a ducati and a TVR, so I tend to be more mechanical sympathetic. The dealer said you don't need to run-in, but I drove below 3000rpm for the first 1000 miles and gradually push the engine more. I have never thrash it when the engine is cold. But that is just me. Result is i have only...
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    Milltek Exhaust

    I didn't think they could match the V8 AMG noise. they are pretty awesome. Just want to see if anyone has done it and share their views that is all. Surprisingly the lack of comments here.
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    Does the b8 S4 3.0T Drink oil?

    Mine doesn't drink much oil either. 2010 plate 19K miles still have some oil in the original complimentary oil Audi offered when I picked up the car. only topped up half a litre may be for the past 2 years.
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    Milltek Exhaust

    Hi there. seriously thinking putting Milltek on my B8 S4 Wondering has anyone did the same on their B8 S4? Did you go for the twin pipe or the oval? If I went for race version does it mean it is louder and will i fail my MOT in the future? Are you happy with the outcome? does it sound as...
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    390 Miles from a S4 tank

    Got 390 miles from the S4 tank! not too bad ah!?!? Mainly motorway doing no more than 70mph, small amount of London driving.
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    Anyone got a milltek non res exhaust for their S4 in uk?

    Also intrigue to find out. Saving up the money now and thinking of upgrading mine next year. Would love to hear what people thought of their Milltek on their S4's.
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    Stupid Audi

    Took my friend's son for a day out over the weekend for baby sitting. I didn't pay any attention of the baby seat made and model, but the seat was rip out from a Toyota Verso iso fix. The seat fit perfectly okay onto my B8 S4 iso fix.
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    Delivery mileage

    20+ on mine.
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    Excessive oil consumption on new car

    Mine didn't use much at all, went down a mere quarter after 8000 miles. I was actually worrying if the sensor was working at some point after hearing what other people are experiencing. Didn't want the engine to run dry of course. So it varies from car to car i guess.
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    19" wheels for B8 S4

    Anyone know the offset distance for the 19" wheeel on B8 S4?
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    S4 - How many miles to a tank do you get

    I got something between 270 miles and 350 miles, depended on the nature of the journey and my driving style. Once the fuel range said 0 miles in the computer, I managed to squeeze another 16 miles odd out of it (very gingerly on the gas pedal, and avoid any braking!!). When i filled it up, the...
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    19" wheels for B8 S4

    Hi My Audi S4 is currently on the standard 18" wheels, which I regreted not upgrade them to 19". Can anyone share their driving and riding experience on the 19" wheels. I am currently looking for a set of 19" 7 arm double spoke set, any recommendation of where I can get them from? Been...
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    Launch Control

    I couldn't find the launch control in the manual. Is it a standard feature or an option? or is it built in a later model? I have a B8 S4 too but made in Aug 2010.
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    Good morning! Wonder if anyone can recommend an Audi Bodyshop near NW London. Got a few scratches from the bumpers from some careless drivers. Would like to get it fixed as it is really annoying everytime I get near the car. Many thanks!
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    Powered Tailgate Problem?

    It happened to me as well, i thought it was strange. Then I realised my mobile phone was rubbing against the key in my pocket.