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    S3 Insurance who are you with ?

    although not an S3 my 1.8T insurance is just got down to 410 fully comp. with remap declared. 26years old 3years NC no points dodgy SE Ldn postcode Adrian Flux. Their renewal quote was 590.
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    what Timing Belt,tensioner,water pump..

    I have been looking on Eurocarparts for the required bits for 60k service Im talking about timing belt, tensioner and water pump....any other parts? does anyone have any idea what items I need ? Im not doing work myself but want to get best price. Have a local garage whom I have used in the...
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    lights are fine on mine but the actual switch that switches on the fogs seems to be on when i select only dips new switch is 59.50+vat from Audi
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    Control Unit f**ked...

    my ECU also died - rain damage that came in from the rain channel above the ECU stupid place to put ECU on the A3 really cost me nearly 800 as the car had to be toed to Audi for the immobilser to be recoded
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    Light swith replacement ?

    thanks for info - very helpful
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    Light swith replacement ?

    Hi, Past couple weeks whenever i put on dipped headlights, the fog lights come on at the same time - the switch is obv faulty as its one more click out to put them on normally. Anyone else ever encountered similar problem ?? how much to replace or how diff to attempt myself...
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    i pod link

    PM sent
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    Rattling from underneath...

    I have the same thing on mine and its still there as i been too lazy to get it sorted remember last time i had it serviced at one of the tuning houses, they told me exhaust was shot and i should upgrade to a performance one !!!! frckin hilarious
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    Anyone found a use for it

    yes its ideal for sunglasses
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    difference between A3 spoiler and S3 spoiler?

    no i think they are same angle - camera picture is not centre between the 2 cars above i have s3 spoiler on my a3 and it clears ariel no probs
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    S3 not as fast as i thought.....

    yes def worth checking the MAF and I believe there is revo dealer over lakeside way I am in SE28 so not far from you - AMD will take you maybe 2.5+ hours each way with the state of M25 in Essex at the moment (I drove to oxford 2 weeks ago and regretted it big time) you choice but a long...
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    BodyShop in SE London/N Kent Areas

    Hi, Anyone recc. a good bodyshop in SE London/ N Kent Areas please ?? G/frnd has had a prang in her 206 in a car park and managed to reverse into a bollard. Rear left door is pretty badly dented and will likely need panel work and spray. Might see if they can repair a door mark on my...
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    Anyone own a sony ericsson K800i?

    I have this and it is best phone I have ever had had W800 before and that was good (apart from gay colour) this is much sleeker looking - camera is very very good - its hard to take a blurry shot with it
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    Thinking of going to AMD... Opinions.?

    What year is your car ? reason I ask is that mine is only just a facelift (early 2001) and so needed chip to be put into the ECU like the older models instead of a straight forward serial port remap one year down the line my ECU fails. I was told that the trim may not have been put back...
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    Thinking of going to AMD... Opinions.?

    hmmmm...well I have AMD map and I am happy with the map - it is very good an ECU re-map is the best mod you will do to your car - def rec. getting it done - different car after. in my personal experience and opinion, AMD are a bit off on the service of late - I would get it mapped locally if...
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    Oil Sensor + Cruis Control Problems (after new ECU)

    yes that is exactly what I was thinking - I will call them today. Nayone got any ideas on Oil sensor ? light and beep is driving me nuts
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    Oil Sensor + Cruis Control Problems (after new ECU)

    Anyone know where Oil sensor is and how to replace it ?? keeps coming on everynow and again and is driving me mad Also, I have now had a new ECU fitted and had the remap switched, now my Cruise Control doesnt work - is it poss these are linked ?? It worked fine before the ECU died I...
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    Just been told i need new ECU

    Subject: Re: Just been told i need new ECU well total damage is gonne be 600 quid new ECU on exchange from Audi and then they have to take car to Audi so they can reprogramme the ECU to the immobiliser. I had a look inside the ECU and the circuit board looks fine but there were a few...
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    Just been told i need new ECU

    right just been talking to the parts guy at my local audi who I know (and he is very helpful) he seems to think that if the pollen filter was not put in correctly then the plenum chamber can fill with water and flood the ECU which is directly under neath its not a sealed chamber and will...
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    Just been told i need new ECU

    yeah they ahve told me its a replacement unit from Audi - they swap it like they do headunits etc. 312 for replacement ECU and 120quid to calibrate it etc. i have been told to make sure they have checked the crank angle sensor before anything else this has ruined my day to be honest