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    Fuel gauge not working after flat battery

    So my battery is on the way out and I've had to get jump starts of mates to get around for the last few days before I can replace the battery at the weekend! However after we jump started the car today on my way home I noticed the fuel gauge was reading zero - but I know for certain I have over...
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    Battery recommendation for 1.8T (BFB engine)

    Anyone got a recommendation for non-OEM battery replacements for a 2003 1.8T BFB? Ideally want something form, fit and function. Thanks!
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    Engine Warning Light - Have fault codes - don't know if its a concern.

    So, good news and bad news. First the good news, I bought the parts today and fitted the new valve. The job was a complete pain in the ****, even after taking the coolant header tank off you are still constantly working with your wrists bent at angles they were never intended to. No surprise...
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    Engine Warning Light - Have fault codes - don't know if its a concern.

    Hey, I tried to take the oil filler cap off with the engine running - so much suction that I actually physically couldn't - had to lever it up with a screwdriver blade. Tried clamping the tube which comes off the breather valve, and sure enough the suction went away - so I'm pretty sure that's...
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    Engine Warning Light - Have fault codes - don't know if its a concern.

    Sorry folks, missed out a crucial bit of info there! It is indeed a 1.8T on a 03 plate -engine code BFB I think.
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    Engine Warning Light - Have fault codes - don't know if its a concern.

    Hi Guys, Posting this I have realised that its been well over a year since I last logged in - which means its been well over a year since my Audi gave me any grief! So that is something to celebrate! Any-hoo. About a week ago, whilst pottering along, my engine warning light came on. I've...
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    Fitting Cruise to B6 Cab - SCM part numbers

    Thanks for the info, I just found this great guide on another forum: Contains step-by-step with instructions. Perfect!
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    Fitting Cruise to B6 Cab - SCM part numbers

    Hi Folks, There is a lot of information out there about fitting cruise to B6's, and I'm fairly confident of completing the modification this weekend. I just have one question which I cannot find a definite answer to: What version/part number of the steering-wheel control module is required for...
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    Help!!! Fuel leak!

    Hi guys, My A4 has been smelling a bit petrolly in the morning recently, and I took it out today with the roof down and almost gagged on the fumes. Checked under the car and there was a definite slow fuel leak on the drivers side, in line with the door pillar, not dripping, but the panels...
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    Whoops... problem with cooling system after accident

    Hi, So I got in a bit of an accident today, personally I don't think it was my fault... but unfortunately I don't think the insurance company are going to agree. I was going round a sharp bend on an unfamiliar road and a car came in the opposite direction with its full-beams on, completely...
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    A VAG-COM miracle

    So today has been a day of strange happenings. As you may have read, my headlight bulb had repeatedly blown so I decided to have one last punt with VAG-COM and see if I could find the cause. To my utter surprise it worked and duly pumped out a whole heap of codes, too many to comprehend and...
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    Headlight Keeps Failing

    Hi guys, The drivers side dipped beam headlight on my Cab keeps failing, this is the third bulb in as many months. It one of the projector style dipped beams so it's a separate bulb to the full-beams, they're nothing special, just normal halogens. It's very annoying because the bulb is an...
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    Leaking soft top

    I had the exact same problem in the exact same place last winter. Fine, treat the roof as a matter of course, but most importantly clean the seals. Especially clean the metal where the front seal interfaces, this can get very grubby and take a good scrubbing to get clean. Basically, anywhere...
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    S4 oil advice please

    Do a manual check of the oil-level first... it the level is good, it can be indicative of other problems. I can't answer your query about the oil directly... IMHO and experience mixing oils is generally a bad idea, if you can find out exactly what is in there, you could top-up with the same...
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    Aero wipers WTF?

    If you have litterally JUST changed them, don't worry, they arrive pre-'bent' and take a few hours to flatten completely on to the windscreen. Also when driving at speed, the downforce flattens the wiper on the screen much more. If its been longer than this and you still have problems... I...
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    Dam car is costing me.

    Hi, Sorry to hear about all your problems! I haven't had a great history with my Audi either, cam belt, oil sludge, rear shocks, coil packs, but I still love it! I just wondered, after your injector went, how did you know you had damaged your CAT? I drove mine probably about 3 miles in total...
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    Help! Engine management light!

    I got the local village garage to order the part and it came yesterday afternoon, little bit more expensive than getting it direct, £30, but saved a lot of hassle. Did the repair on the side of the road outside the garage, it was cylinder 3, so took 3 attempts and I was beginning to lose hope...
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    Noob looking for guidance on buying.

    I don't know about the engine as I have a 1.8T, but let me see... yeah basically as 1wheel said. Buying a 2002, it will probably be in the 60-90k region, so ensure its had cambelt and water pump, or negotiate that into the price and get it done straight away (budget £600). Check all the...
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    Help! Engine management light!

    I removed a coil pack from the engine, cylinder 1, to verify the part number. It came out easy enough, but the tip at the spark plug end was coated in engine oil... is this normal? Saw on another forum that Audi advise not driving on a failed coil/plug due to the amount of fuel dumped down the...
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    Help! Engine management light!

    Cheers for the offer, that's very kind. I'm in the South West, and I see from your profile that you are in the North West, so I don't think it's going to work out, the West Midlands are in the way! Thanks anyway.