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    Cheaper TDi tuning modules, anyone used one?

    try dragon performance
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    did you press the rest button on the right hand stick, if so i cant remamber 100% whicj way it is but if you hold it in for 1second it should come back on or it might be you have to hold it in for about 5 seconds. There is a option to turn it off i did it in my A3 good luck.
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    Anyone painted their garage floor ?

    Moved into my new/old house 18months ago, dubble garage and its got carpet down no dust no mess just have to hoover it now and again. I think the the people at the back of me think im mad.
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    bad boy honda type R

    did you all know that in 14millon V-Tec engines not one as ever been back to the factory as a failure. Sorry now way would a sh itron zantia beet a CTR wake up lad.
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    Tyre wear

    There are about two or three setting inside the car depending on ladened or not defo about 32psi.
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    Tyre wear

    well mate in my opinion your tyres are over inflated, what size are yours and have you checked the pressure in them. would of thought about 32 in the tyres.
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    leon cupra white dials in a3?

    My A3 52plate Tdi sport had white dials. Look far better than black ones.
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    well i'm off

    Just thought i'd say good bye ive finally sold my A3 so ill not be in as much. But on the bright side i'm looking forward to my new toy GSXR 600 Traded the A3 for a 52plate polo 1.4 so will have to get my fill of speed on the bike. Thanks to all the people whoi gave me good advice and keep...
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    Now am 21 i can finally get a 1.8 T :)

    not a yellow fan. Black, silver or Stealth Grey for me dolphine grey that is.
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    Try not to stare!

    done it with 14 sec to spare she should of shown us her tits when you have won.
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    HOW MUCH?!

    hi yes this did happenn on my 52 plate A3 it was covered under warranty. All my wiring had corroded inside.
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    TDI v's S3

    spot on the slug, my 52plate A3 Tdi is for sale 130bhp. pm anyone £11.250 now.
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    would that be a paddy field then. ; )
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    All ill say is if your in lanes 2-3 and you can pull in to let a faster car past then do so. It really fcuks me off when people stay in one lane and will not pull in when safe to do so. I for one will undertake right or wrong i know when they are being di cks. Sorry if that upsets some but thats...
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    A video for you all

    will not laod for me either.
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    S3 Stolen!

    sorry to hear that mate get some really heavy duty door locks and dead bolts top and bottom through your house insuranace and back door. All the best man.
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    Time to move on...

    is that why you went for a BMW 120>?>??>?
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    Time to move on...

    what bhp is the 120d std
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    Time to move on...

    they seem a right bland bunch best of luck with the new motor and me thinks youll be back soon lol.
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    Whats the fastest car you've driven?

    RS6 from centurion Audi York bad *** car.