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    Audis in the park - Sunday 12th August

    Guys - polished and detailed the B7 only to be sick and unwell this morning ... looks like a missed a great show :blownose:
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    Audis In The Park 2012. List Thread

    cool thanks for the reply, i have replied as No. 58 on the list - first time at a show with audi sport net
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    Audis In The Park 2012. List Thread

    58. Jay Z B - A4 B7 - not camping
  4. J

    Audis in the park - Sunday 12th August

    Hi, just replied to the link hope its not too late to add my name / car on the stand ... A4 B7 s line
  5. J

    Audis In The Park 2012. List Thread

    Any more room on the stand for a B7 140 - no camping......
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    Audis in the park - Sunday 12th August

    i'll be flying down the A14 from Peterborough in my silver B7 - not sure on time , hope to get in the grounds also.
  7. J

    Audis in the park - Sunday 12th August

    is there any A4 masses attending this show :blackrs4:
  8. J

    Audis in the park - Sunday 12th August

    Been a few years since i attended - how can you show your car as would like to squeeze my A4 in the grounds...
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    Supernatural Hybrid

    Was lucky enough to get 2 tubs of supernaturnal free from Performance VW and tried this weekend - just blown away with finish and the beading is insane. I did clay bar, jet seal an polish before applying. TopStuff from Do Do Juice.:greyrs4:
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    Chemical Guys Diablo wheel cleaner - Awesome and Jet Seal 109

    Hi, Not sure if anyone has tried this product, due to the wonderful British weather was 4 weeks since i washed my Audi - 19" rims were black not hyper silver, anyway sprayed with Diablo and then washed with Diablo also diluted and the brake dust just fell off. I also think when i went to UD i...
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    ▀▄ Miglior Detailing: Audi RS4 - 55-Hours on some truly shocking paint! ▄▀

    ****** brilliant, hurts to see an RS4 treated that way, amazed at the work completed........ how do you get into this line of work.
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    no worries ............ next year i'll park mine inside - 5 hours cleaning only to park at Asda
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    Just a post to anyone that went to Ultimate Dubs on Sunday, apart from the parking ............. not sure dub goers that spent hours detailing cars wanted to park in Asda and the like to show pride and joy's, but it was fully packed out and a great start to the year of dubbing. I thought the...
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    DoDo Juice

    Anybody used DoDo Juice supernatural Blue Velvet or Purple Haze wax, I have 1 of them coming from Performance VW mag - " star letter in March 12 edition - " Wagons Roll" - I am and love Chemical Guys - will this freebie move me to DoDo....................
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    Ford Capri 280 Brooklands enhancement detail

    love the ford mate ............... sweet old school
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    Jen asked me to post as i was so pleased with the service Juicy detailing provided on some products i ordered. Great stuff and a free mints in the packaging.:yes:
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    Another 170 or 140 thread

    the only thing going for the 170 is the look of the back and exhaust exit either side of the car, try and drive a mapped 140 you will be surprised.............. i love mine, but 19" and a low drop is fun with family .............. not
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    Another 170 or 140 thread

    Hi bud, I test drove a 170 and mpg is around 41 - i changed my B6 1.8t for a 57 plate 140 tdi B7, its been mapped stage 2 giving 210 bhp and it will still return 55 - 58 on good run... plus lots of grunt.
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    megs endurance tire spray - experiences?

    Mate, totally get what you are saying, this use to be top stuff to use, but the new improved formula has something missing - i know shine and lasting power - this is with clean walls, applicator etc. Not sure what to use now -
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    Juicy Junction

    is this on your site Jen