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  1. alex13p

    Ollie's A4 B6 Avant 1.8T 190 Quattro Sport

    Love the colour. Nice example. How hard was getting all the interior out? I could do with getting this done my self Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. alex13p

    REVIEW- ebay seller rsbody panels new wings! yay!

    Where did you get these panels from? I checked google for RS body panels but could only find somewhere the looks like they do vintage car panels.
  3. alex13p

    Adding Sub & Amp with Concert II Stereo - Need assistance

    Does anyone know the answer to option 2?
  4. alex13p

    Servicing Parts

    Sorry, should have said, I've put my reg number in and I'm offered different versions of products still. What is this parts request system?
  5. alex13p

    Servicing Parts

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this has already been asked, did a search and couldn't find anything. I'm buying parts on Euro's for servicing but a lot of the parts have multiple options. Looking under the details for the parts, they are different sizes/fitments etc. Short of taking all the parts out...
  6. alex13p

    Buyers Help

    Funny you mention that, it was advertised as being done 1000 miles ago. Took it into garage to investigate rubbing pulley sound and found that the cambelt has never been done grrrrrr... All sorted now though..
  7. alex13p

    Buyers Help

    Every 5k is very eager! The has a big gap in the service book but hasn't done many miles since it's last service. This is next job on my list of things to do - I'm going to replace everything so I know where I stand. There was no mention of it in the paperwork and the trader, unsurprisingly...
  8. alex13p

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Shopped online for, Coilovers Exhaust system Headunit, speaker adapters, release keys, fascia adapters DIS Stalk Remap opinions Servicing parts Front wings Rear bench clips Tyres VCDS Coding/Tweaks Smoked headlights Wheels .... the list goes on!
  9. alex13p

    Buyers Help

    Thanks for your replys. I bought it in the end, a dolphin grey 1.8t 190 bex sport a4 avant 2003. It has got a few bits on it that need fixing but got it for a good price, so happy to sort them of them being rusty front wings haha. next stop, a full service, exhaust, coils and a remap!
  10. alex13p

    Buyers Help

    Evening, I'm going to view and potentially buy an A4 1.8t 190 tomorrow morning. Very excited! Couldn't see a buyers guide on here unless im being blind... Could someone point me in right direction or if not, let me know some fundamental things to specifically look out for on this car. Thanks!
  11. alex13p

    Alex13p - A6 (c6/4f) Avant 2.0 Tdi 140 2007

    Got hold of some magic erasers and I'm de-shining all the leather whilst waiting for missus to turn up. So quick and easy to do!
  12. alex13p

    Alex13p - A6 (c6/4f) Avant 2.0 Tdi 140 2007

    Not sure what they are to be honest, they came with the car. They are a bit noisy! Going to but some surf board pads on them and leave them on to look all tour'y ha
  13. alex13p

    Alex13p - A6 (c6/4f) Avant 2.0 Tdi 140 2007

    Back from a holiday in Tenby! Pic to follow... Meanwhile, quick shopping list for my own reference - Thule 5603 Heko 10243 and thanks to my forum friend skandz for this link -
  14. alex13p

    Alex13p - A6 (c6/4f) Avant 2.0 Tdi 140 2007

    Ah fair enough, well John said he's heard things and that he didn't know for sure... My thoughts were, for something so small and not that important it wasn't worth only see it for 2seconds and its gone haha. The reverse sensors and chirp are a great small addition though. Got my...
  15. alex13p

    Aux In & Amp/sub Retrofit - A6 (c6) Mmi 2g High W/bose

    Jeewhizz! That mObridge kit looks spot on but it's so expensive!
  16. alex13p


    I'm with elan2s on this one - I'd spend the money on a nice thin compact TomTom or something similar. Like elan2s said, you'll get so much more for your money. For the sake of having it on the same screen and a bit tidier it's just not worth it. The SatNav system isn't great other than the...
  17. alex13p

    Alex13p - A6 (c6/4f) Avant 2.0 Tdi 140 2007

    Had a visit from JohnnyM100 yesterday. Found him on the VCDS map on here. He was very efficient and knew what he was doing. I can highly recommend him if you are local. He only asks that you make a donation to one of his two favourite charities which I think is also quite a nice touch as doing...
  18. alex13p

    Aftermarket sub & amp

    How did you manage to find that?! I've got a A6 Avant, C6(4F), preface lift, S Line.. How about you? Does your diagram have model numbers? Is there different model amps? Thanks skandz