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  1. cfoster

    Anyone running 9.5" wide all round?

    I did indeed mate, thought sod it!!!!! Actually sold the car at the weekend though and bought myself a Mercedes a couple of months back!!!!!
  2. cfoster

    Anyone running 9.5" wide all round?

    My S4 (which sold at the weekend!) had 19 x 9.5's all round, had 8mm spacer on the front and 5 on the back, just to clear the calipers. Lowered on H&R springs and no rubbing at all!! Chris
  3. cfoster

    CH's, LM's or Avus?

    LM's all the way ;)!! Chris :)
  4. cfoster

    My vinyl wrapped S4 Avant *lots of pics!!*

    You dont need to tell the insurance company as its not a permanent fixture like paint (ie - can be removed). Same as you dont have to tell the DVLA!! Pearl white is nice, 3M do a nice pearl white. I also have an SL500 mercedes and tempted to wrap it in this!!
  5. cfoster

    White Avants (Pic Heavy!)

    Looks really nice mate, i've just bought a merc sl500 now and tempted to wrap that white as well!!!!!
  6. cfoster

    Service is due...

    cool cheers :)
  7. cfoster

    Service is due...

    Yeah i've got a deposit and the rest is coming next week, but I said i'd service it for him before it goes!!
  8. cfoster

    Service is due...

    Does anyone know whats involved in the 84000 mile service? Is it a big or small one, or is there a list available that is adhered to? Car is an B6 S4 Avant (although im sure all Audi's go through the same schedule). Cheers Chris
  9. cfoster

    suspension Knocking noise

    This was the noise I had mate!! Only light bumps, big bumps it didnt really make the noise?
  10. cfoster

    well some think to think about

    Tried is myself, not toooo bad but a lot easier if the tyre is off!!
  11. cfoster

    suspension Knocking noise

    I had exactly the same problem on my S4 avant, I changed all the wishbones, turned out that it was the upper rear wishbone on the drivers front corner :), no noises whatsoever now!! Chris
  12. cfoster

    Pic request: BBS LM'S

    Bought mine from a company in Ireland, 9.5x19 all round, ET38 with 235/35/19..... Very happy with them! Chris
  13. cfoster

    lambo reps

    I think TTS roadsport have them (or used to) on the shelf!
  14. cfoster

    Help! Funny noises from front.

    possibly upper wishbones? Had a similar noise on the front right and replaced all the wishbones, only one of em was fubered!!
  15. cfoster

    New Car help selecting?

    Agree with Mysik Journeyman above, was in a similar boat and decided on the S4, nicer inside (which is where you are most of the time!!), cheaper to run (although still not cheap!) and as above is as quick as 95% of the cars on the road anyway!! I will be selling mine in the next couple of...
  16. cfoster

    What do I need??!

    Hi all, I have a 2003 B6 S4 and want to be able to play music off of my iPhone 4 through the RNSE (I think!) screen! Whats the cheapest way of doing this, i've seen some cables on ebay like this: Audi Music Interface - Pre 2009 iPod Cable - 4F0051510L | eBay UK but not sure if its what I...
  17. cfoster

    HELP!!! Knocking noise

    Yeah i've heard its common, how low is yours? Mine has quite a low drop but the wishbone replacement has cured it. Relieved wasnt the word when I drove it back from the garage!!!!!
  18. cfoster

    HELP!!! Knocking noise

    Mine is now sorted, replaced the top mount and the upper rear wishbone on the drivers front corner and no more knocks. Feel for you mate, its soooo annoying isnt it...
  19. cfoster

    Le Mans 2011 - who's going

    Yeah cool mate, ill send you number etc nearer the time. Not sure if i'll have the car by then but no doubt the nxt car will be some odd colour!!!!!
  20. cfoster

    Vehicle wrapping question

    You can wrap over the dents but it won't hide them. I wrapped my S4 white and it covered my minor parking ding but since removing and wrapping matt black the ding is more noticeable. My advice would be to get the dents sorted first. Chris