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  1. Rufus73

    How Not To Wash Your Car !

    Imagine telling this lad you don't need a hand and would rather do it yourself as he might leave swirls
  2. Rufus73

    Which products?

    Detailing world is a great site, but can empty the wallet. Europarts are selling Sonax products very reasonable and they do a great job and won't break the bank. Free shipping aswell. Check out the reviews of Sonax on YouTube
  3. Rufus73

    Snow foam for the new S3

    Autobrite foam lance, k4 karcher and Bilthamber autofoam. ( great stuff) . Two buckets grit guards, mequairs gold glass shampoo, Adams wash mitt and Sonax Bsd for drying aid. Great water repellent ability..
  4. Rufus73

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    Sorry got a bit side tracked there, 5lt bilthamber autofoam, Sonax Extreme Brilliant Shine Detailer spray,Sonax glass cleaner, Sonsax interior spray Matt , microfibres from fleabay, valet pro dragons breath wheel cleaner, rain x for windscreen and some meguairs gold glass shampoo. Just need...
  5. Rufus73

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    I know the feeling. I've the same colour in an A4 b8.5. When it's clean it's great, however shows every mark. I've used Blackfire Polish and Seal on it. It's really good but I've fine swirls which can really be seen under fluorescent light. When the weather picksup I intend doing a paint...
  6. Rufus73

    Vcds Northern Ireland

    Thanks Sandra do be around Newry so point-Audi would be closest.
  7. Rufus73

    Vcds Northern Ireland

    Ah thanks Darren 92. Would of been up there a lot with the truck but never the car. Cheers mate
  8. Rufus73

    Vcds Northern Ireland

    Was wondering is there anyone in the Armagh area with vcds for a few mods Thanks.
  9. Rufus73

    Show Us Your Beading Shots

    Blackfire Polish and seal
  10. Rufus73

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Looks the business. Great colour. Lovely motor.
  11. Rufus73

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Small bit of detailing today. No rain for a change.
  12. Rufus73

    What is your favorite breed of dog?

    Chocolate lab. Mad as a hatter
  13. Rufus73

    Brake Calipers Painted!

    I just thought I'd keep them factory and the black audi decal matches the colour of the car. Everyone has different tastes.
  14. Rufus73

    Replacement H8 Fog Light Bulbs For B8.5 S4 ?

    Changed out my fogs. Horizon LEDs . H8 LEDs and purchased the plug in resistors as well in case of canbus error. The LEDs are canbus friendly but may throw a fault so just to be safe I fitted the resistors as well. Check out there website. Horizon LEDs .
  15. Rufus73

    Carista App

    Ah that's it. I just moved forward in the driveway so not enough speed built up for it to reset. Thanks.
  16. Rufus73

    Carista App

    Well Plugged it in today and done the needle sweep, chirp, and reverse mirror. However the mirror will not return at all, you have to turn the knob from passenger to the central position. Would like my rear parking sensors to show up visually as well. No setting for that on carista.
  17. Rufus73

    Carista App

    Good job. I've sent for that and look forward to the tweeking. Thanks lads.
  18. Rufus73

    Carista App