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    Depreciation- haggling- Mini

    I px'd my 2006 A3 Tdi170 S-Line Sportback 3 weeks ago for a Mini Cooper S (the missus drives the car most of the time and has been hounding after one for a couple of years). I got £15k for my 2006 A3 which had 26k on the clock. It was pretty highly spec'd with full leather, 20spoke alloys...
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    Serious Depreciation!

    The full story (which I wasn't going to bore you all with) is that 6 weeks ago I was offered £15,600 by Peterborough Audi as trade in value against an Astra Coupe being purchased from a Vauxhall dealer. This figure wasn't dressed up by the Vauxhall dealer but what was offered over the phone as...
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    Serious Depreciation!

    Cheers, i may well take a trip there. Peterborough are currently building a huge extension to the branch dedicated to a 'new' model apparently. Guess they are recouping the cost of it starting with me!!
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    Serious Depreciation!

    Just been to Peterbrough Audi to get a px figure on my A3 Sline Tdi170. Its a July 06 car with 26k on it (spec listed at bottom of my post). Not sure if I was expecting too much or they are trying to rip the a$$ out of me .................... been offered £14,250! :Flush: I queried them to...
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    So the BMW diesels are soooooooooooo superior to Audi's?

    The god like status that some attribute to the BMW on here is amusing and here we have plenty of BMW engines going BANG in a big way. Cue Mr Bowfer puffing away nicely at the BMW bandwagon on the Audi forum again, job done!! LOL :moa: Sorry for expressing an opinion on here, I do realise...
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    So the BMW diesels are soooooooooooo superior to Audi's?

    I've read certain people bleating on here about how superior the BMW diesel engines are to the Audi/VW group diesels. On the subject of BMW diesel economy, my local dealer (when I looked at a 1 series for the inlaws [honest!!]) warned me not to expect book figures for the mpg and they were...
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    A3 - worth the money?

    Going back to the original thread title ........ I have kept my previous cars for a maximum of a year for the last 8 1/2 years BUT have now owned my A3 for 1 1/2years with no intention of selling it. All my friends comment that it must be a decent car to have lasted so long. The quality of...
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    S3 (8P) - Ready for new tyres - which ones?

    I replaced my factory fitted Conti's (worn out at 10k) with Michelin PS2's. The PS's are quieter, give better grip and have lasted 50% longer than the Conti's and still 2mm off the wear markers (done 16k on them). I also paid £600 for a set but think they were well worth it, as I would have...
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    TDi170 Engine Concerns

    It is very rare for me to be outside the car with the engine running. Yesterday I started the car and hopped out to clear leaves from under the rear wiper blade. As soon as I got out of the car I could hear a very low pitched rythmic and barely audible deep knocking/thumping noise from the...
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    Cold Starting an A3 2.0 TDi 170.....

    My car is kept on the drive all night and I tend to forget to wait for the glow-plug light go out. I've never had the car reluctant to start nor had it start and then struggle to tick over properly. It probably the only diesel I've owned that is so forgiving with the glow-plugs and so reliable...
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    Car just tried to kill itself! (Diesel Engine ran away)

    I'm sure someone more technical will clarify/put me right, but I believe that diesel engines that 'run away' often are burning the engine oil as a source of fuel. I believe that the unrestricted supply of oil (rather than a fuel pump restricting the max flow rate of diesel) can cause the engine...
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    170 or 140 bhp - advice wanted

    Go to your local dealership and test drive one. My dealership offered let me have a 170 demo overnight to get a proper feel for it. I drove the 140 and 170 back to back and bought the 170 without hesitation or a 2nd thought. The 170 is soo smooth and ****** rapid and a joy to drive. Not...
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    airbag light

    When my car was new it had an airbag fault showing, which hadn't been sorted on the Pdi. The dealership I bought it from said it was a simple sensor fault that would be fixed with a straight swap for a new unit.......... new sensor = no more problems. Not sure how common was/is but they...
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    Your mileage?

    Username.......... Car......... Plate........ First Registered .....Age..... Mileage Phantom ...............S3 ...........07................. June 2007......... 6 Mths..... 6670 CJP80...................S3............07.......... ....... Mar 2007......... 10 Mths .... 21,400...
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    Correct tyres for 18" rims on an A3?

    Cheers mate, learnt something today. So the the 40 is actually saying 40% of the width then. :icon_thumright:
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    Correct tyres for 18" rims on an A3?

    Isn't the '40' number referring to the height of the sidewall. Surely a 225 40 will have the same sidewall height as a 235 40 tyre (unless I've been wrong all these years about the 2nd number referring to the sidewall height)? :think: Anyway, I have 18's fitted and have 225 40 ZR18 Extra...
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    A3 170 TDI Tuning

    Same thoughts here. I'd be extremely interested to get mine re-mapped once the map is proven to be reliable and DPF issue free. :yes:
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    How many faults have you had?

    Faulty passenger airbag sensor when new (so much for the Pdi). The DIS system was not fully switched on and thus certain functions were not working (again so much for the Pdi). No other issues and only uses 1litre of oil every 10k. Up to know its been the most trouble free car I've owned.
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    Front Tyre Wear

    My 1st set of factory fitted Conti's lasted 10k, which was mostly motorway miles. I fitted a replacement set of Michelin PS 2's which at 12k have 3-4mm left on them. For me; what I consider excessive tyre wear on my car; is the one thing that spoils the A3 ownership experience. I used to...
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    Sky+ & 40' LCD

    Like Bowfer I ditched my Sky+ box and bought a new Sky HD box from Ebay for my Samsung HD Tv. Installing the HD box and pairing the viewing card is a simple 10 minute job. The picture using the digital HDMi lead/connection is far superior than the picture I got from my old Sky+ box via the...