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  1. Compkiler

    500bhp S3 questions

    Hi guys im baaaaack after a few years lol... Anyhow, thinking about buying another S3 and was toying with the idea of getting her to 500bhp with the Revo power pack and performance pack. Has anyone here done this and if so any tips and also issues you have come across? How's the...
  2. Compkiler

    2014 Glacier White Revo S3

    Nice buddy! Im back and looking on with interest to your thread :-) Thinking about getting either a Golf R or the S3 and then play again!
  3. Compkiler

    Forge engine and tte480

    Wish i still had mine now! Gutted! I wonder where she is? Someone out there must have her?
  4. Compkiler

    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    Wish I still had mine :-( I wonder if someone here has it?
  5. Compkiler

    My S3

    Mines a 2007 pre face lift and im running 370bhp and 396 lbs :-)
  6. Compkiler

    Rolling Road Day TAKE 2 @ AMD Essex - 26th April - 2015

    I'd prefer 17th April or 1st may tbh :-) working the others.
  7. Compkiler

    Exhaust options for stage 2+ ?

    Exactly lol...
  8. Compkiler

    Exhaust options for stage 2+ ?

    Well it was a dig at Nige and his brand so tbh, he has every right to defend himself from your comment mate tbh.
  9. Compkiler

    Exhaust options for stage 2+ ?

    The price i paid was around £300 more than the Cobra i had which was totally useless... Buy cheap, you buy twice as ive said before!! If you love your car and im sure most on here will or else they wouldnt be on here, then i believe spending an extra £300 for the best exhaust for my car is...
  10. Compkiler

    Silver S3 playing with an RS4 coming from AITP

    Yep lol... there was a camera on route tho on the last bridge before you turn off
  11. Compkiler

    Silver S3 playing with an RS4 coming from AITP

    The Rs4 sounded amazing! It was quite a new one I think... well looked ****** amazing too tbh lol. Was hoping for a play but it turned off the next slip road I think
  12. Compkiler

    Silver S3 playing with an RS4 coming from AITP

    Don't think it was a cab but I could be mistaken. We were held up with a bit of traffic tbh too
  13. Compkiler

    Doogies Phantom Black S3.......progress thread.

    Im still gutted that Wayne has told me that APR have kinda now pulled the plug on Launch control and Flat Shift for the APR add ons in the UK... That now means that if i want to get Flat shift, i need to get a custom map and that isnt going to happen now as im happy with the APR stage 2 map! grrr
  14. Compkiler

    Exhaust options for stage 2+ ?

    Buy cheap, buy twice... Unfortunately that is what happened to me!
  15. Compkiler

    Exhaust options for stage 2+ ?

    I have a full Powervalve with decat and its awesome! Its ****** addictive i worn you! lol As for other options, ive tried Cobra and if they ahvent made a new revision, then i wouldnt bother with that design! Mine went back under warranty which was good of them.
  16. Compkiler

    Please posts some pics here of your ride height with Bilstein B14s

    Need to get some ideas as mines rubbing atm when someone is in the back and its a bit crashy all the time! Ta
  17. Compkiler

    Uprated suspension help please. B14 Coilovers

    Hey lads/lasses, I have Bilstein B14's on at present and my car is quite low. She looks and sits lovely but is very crashy in all fairness. On smooth roads she's fine, rough roads I'm panicking and can't drive spiritedly at all on rough B roads.... If I have an adult in the back, and go over...
  18. Compkiler

    Exhaust Options

    I have the full Powervalve with Decat and omg she is sweet! All quiet and perfect for cruising and then when the boost comes on, shes a total animal and sounds like a proper race car :-) Its addictive! You also get more power out of the decat ;-)
  19. Compkiler

    how much would a stage 2+ be worth in fantastic condition?

    Ye i suppose! Cheers though bud :-)
  20. Compkiler

    how much would a stage 2+ be worth in fantastic condition?

    Guys, looks like a change in circumstances ATM so thinking about selling my very loved S3 :-( She's in great condition but wondering how much I would get for her. I know how much I would like but I have to be realistic. I'm not one for taking all the bits off her as she's perfect the way she...