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    Sold 8V powerfolding mirrors, controllers, caps, interior switches etc

    Complete set to retrofit powerfold mirrors to your 8V A3/S3/RS3. Includes: x2 genuine powerfold mirrors (part numbers 8V2.857.410.E 9B9 and 8V2.857.409.E 9B9) x2 genuine silver S/RS mirror caps (part numbers 8V0.857.528.A 307 and 8V0.857.527.A 307) X2 genuine door control units (part numbers...
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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    Hi everyone, I’ve read through this thread looking for an answer and couldn’t see it, although my eyes may have gone cross-eyed with all 15 pages! In the process of retro-firing power fold mirrors to a FL 2017 S3. I can see a lot of people have enabled mirror dip on reverse with success but...
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    Audi extended warranty

    I’ve just started looking into this as my S3 is nearly 3 years old too. Judging from other threads on the forum on this topic £450ish seems to be what people have been paying. The Audi website won’t let me get a quote yet though as it says I am still in the warranty period.
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    Faulty start/stop, MIL on, speed sensor?

    Just to (hopefully!) close the loop on this one, got a call from the dealer today to say that my car should now be back to normal and is ready to collect (Christmas meant a long wait). The day before it went to the dealer I went to start it and the battery was dead and it wouldn’t start. They...
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    Faulty start/stop, MIL on, speed sensor?

    Hi guys, long time since I posted anything on here and unfortunately my first post in a long time is due to an issue... Car is a Feb 2017 S3. Earlier tonight start/stop showed on the dash as an error, revs got pretty lumpy and then car sounded like it was running on all cylinders. Yellow /...
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    Misty windows and drainage hole?

    There is a drain underneath the battery tray which is notorious for getting blocked - it requires removal of the battery to get at though I believe so make sure you have things like stereo key etc
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    MFSW retrofit - airbag

    Hi guys, Apologies as I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find the answer to this... I currently have a low line computer, no MFSW and no cruise. Been offered a complete slip ring / control module / MFD stalk / cruise stalk - as they all come together I am assuming (dangerously)...
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    2.0 Tfsi Pick Up Pipe Clarification....

    So that's a thermostat to add to the list then! It a pig of a job or an easy(ish) DIY?
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    2.0 Tfsi Pick Up Pipe Clarification....

    Interesting... Mine gets up to temp quickly and generally stays there, however if I'm driving down say an A Road and am off throttle for a minute or so going downhill, the temp will drop off 90 again until it's under load when it heads back to 90. Sign of a knackered thermostat? I just presumed...
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    Tyre Pressures

    Well safe to say I didn't expect the thread to go like this...! Thanks for all the replies and info
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    2.0 Tfsi Pick Up Pipe Clarification....

    Do you know the part number by any chance?
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    17" Wheel Spec

    They are 7.5J ET45 if they are these. Centre bore is 57.1
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    Parking Sensor Problem - Ecu?

    Could be a dodgy sensor. Presuming they are rear sensors, stick your car in reverse with ignition on and put your ear next to each sensor - they should 'tick'. If one or more doesn't, that's probably your problem.
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    Forum Newbie, Advice For Buying..

    Very good point! I think the average takes into account each individual journey - see the breakdowns. Each of these individual journeys calculate correctly, so I suppose if I drive 1000 miles at 40mpg and 500 at 30mpg, it is calculating the average based on the relative distance of each...
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    Forum Newbie, Advice For Buying..

    This is my average over the last 2,600 odd miles in my 2.0tfsi quattro using shell's finest. Generally £70-75ish to fill from just above red line to brim, sees over 400 miles before next refill
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    Tyre Pressures

    Knew I would forget something! It's a 2.0tfsi. Thanks for the input
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    Tyre Pressures

    Hi guys, After experiences and opinions - put some 18x8 wheels on my A4 Quattro saloon, 225 40 18. What sort of pressures should I be running / do you use? The info inside the door only states pressures for 17s. Cheers in advance Jackson
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    Show me your lowered A4/A4 Dtm's

    Awesome, thanks. More money on coils then!