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  1. ilim

    Post your RS3 eBay, Classifieds and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    For sale. Genuine BBS Ck-19". These are a steal at £650 delivered. Check out the post below! :arco:
  2. ilim

    Newbie from Aberdeen!

    Sup mate, welcome to the audi world.... There is a few of us up here mate. You should look in to getting the s3 mapped and get modding!!!!!!
  3. ilim

    Hi mate. Its a genuine rs3 from audi.

    Hi mate. Its a genuine rs3 from audi.
  4. ilim

    Time to say Bye bye to the s3.

    Was wondering where you where, took you ages to get a comment out. Mark I know my comment got edited because i was telling the truth Brotek. Please do not comment on my threads and threaten me through private mail. Thanks. Sorry Sandra
  5. ilim

    Time to say Bye bye to the s3.

    Cheers mate. Cant wait now.
  6. ilim

    Time to say Bye bye to the s3.

    Just put down a deposit for a Full Kitted s3 8v S Tronic in Daytona Grey. It will be sad to see my stage 3 s3 go. Its such a fun car to drive, the power and the shock of peoples faces when they hear her. Thanks to all 8P Geniuses for their help. If anyones is looking for parts with low...
  7. ilim

    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Ill be Ordering my New s3 Next week Hopefully. Hopefully Shark, Revo etc will have come up with the remaps soon. In the mean while, Handling mods will be on the list. Coming from a stage 3 s3, hope fully it will still put a smile on my face. :-)
  8. ilim

    SRI rest

    I have been trying to do a Sri Rest with VCDS but it does not turn the reminder off. I have tried the SRI button, no luck and then Instruments, adaptations, Ch 02- new Value 0 and still no hope. Is there something I'm doing wrong?Thanks folks
  9. ilim

    TTRS brakes on an S3 fitment guide - INC STD S3 WHEELS

    Doea anyone know if TTRs BBK will fit bbs 19 ck with et45?
  10. ilim

    Rs3 Diffuser fit s3 bumper?

    i have the 3 door. Will that fit?
  11. ilim

    Rs3 Diffuser fit s3 bumper?

    As the title says. Will the rs3 rear Diffuser fit the s3 bumper? Ilim
  12. ilim

    stage 3 strip out.

    As the car is stage 3 now. I was thinking about removing the back seats and getting some buckets put in and make it a semi-track car. Has anyone done this that can give me some guide lines etc and preferably some photos aswell. Much appreciated ilim
  13. ilim

    Sell for a q7?

    Haha John.... :lmfao:
  14. ilim

    Sell for a q7?

    Insurance is no problem.
  15. ilim

    Sell for a q7?

    John think my heart is set on a SQ5. 3ltr coal burner with 313 bhp. Think that will do fine. :-) plus not that expensive for a fully kitted one.
  16. ilim

    Sell for a q7?

    Might be time to sell the stage 2 s3 for a bit more eco S-line Plus fully kitted out New q7. Im hoping someone will convince me not to on here and tell me that its wrong. Im doing around 70miles per-day so fuel is "a lot" Whats peoples thoughts on a 3ltr v6 245 q7? Ilim
  17. ilim

    Car's broken :-(

    004243 - Bank 1; Fuel Measuring System 2 : Malfunction P1093 - 008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent 000304 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1 : Malfunction P0130 - 001- Upper Limit Exceeded 008771 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1: Reference Voltage...
  18. ilim

    Car's broken :-(

    We have checked all over no leaks present. All the Sparks and Middle Lambda Probe have been changed but its still happening. We are going to change the front Lambda and fuel pressure valve with the rs4 uprated one. Alex any other inputs u might recommend to check?
  19. ilim

    Car's broken :-(

    I have a slight problem! Ive noticed that my car is very rough on idil. It seems like the engine is going to stall but it doesnt. I've ran VCDS and its coming up with Lambda sensor malfunction, sensor 1 upper limit exceeded, Oxygen Lambda sensor : Reference Voltage / No Signal /...
  20. ilim

    wheel alignment

    Alright peps, need some advice. After getting my clutch in, the alignment had gone off. I looked around and found a setup that is for track. These are Front -2.5/-3 Rear -2/-2.5 Will this be a good setup for day driving???