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    Z4 Getting Raped By A Golf

    I want one now! ! ! !
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    Z4 Getting Raped By A Golf

    Mmmm. I think I know what car I'm going for next. awesome
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    Not long now!!!!

    Good meet guys, look forward to the next
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    audi-sport Dog takes top honours!!!

    Well done, although you won by 100 it could've been close if AS and SN didn't help. What are friends for ;) :thumbsup:
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    Not long now!!!!

    How are the numbers coming on Nick?
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    Panic before my Picnic

    That wasn't directed to you Mango, the words of wisdom are voorhees signature. Everyone gets it :D just in case you thought "what an ****" ;) Welcome by the way.:icon_thumright:
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    Not seen it yet but from what i understand there's more than 1. I heard about 3 differant Stigs
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    Is Using Bluetooth While Driving Illegal Too?

    Next they're going to say we can't eat our Big Mac and fries while driving. What's this world coming to :faint: that's why i got an Auto box ;) (You know I'm joking) :yes:
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    Audi-sport member needs your help - Vote for my Dog

    Voted again:o.k:
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    Alarm randomly going off

    This was happening to my mums car a year or so ago. A tip from someone was to spray hairspray over the sensors, this makes them less sensative. Never tried it, don't know if it works but i guess it's worth a try:confused:
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    Audi-sport member needs your help - Vote for my Dog

    Funny, Scooby23's doing the same thing :D Voted AGAIN for you :D
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    Got the RS6 on 3 wheels

    But then the corner was tight. UP HILL! ! ! !
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    Never Ever get a RS6 wih out a warranty. If it hasn't got a waranty then leave it. All my opinion though :)
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    What do i need to look for when buying a RS6!

    Sorry to A.S but go to RS246 and they have a lot more info on the RS6. Do a few searches. Make sure you have a warranty, if not an Audi one make sure it's the same. If i didn't have one i would be spending in he region of 10k his month 2.5k of this are pads and discs.
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    Vag meet in the south

    Let's make it really easy, start a new topic. Before that can be done we need to decide what's happening. Meet at newlands, hour later move onto boxhill? Also, what's better, Sat or Sun's?? I know for me Sundays are easier, I work till 3pm on a sat although it's 10 mins from newlands...
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    S3 Donought attempt

    Forgot about that. :sorry: Need to turn my spell check on too. (not that it would've helped me):Flush:
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    Are you posting on the right forum?:asskicking:
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    "Thanks! ! ! Dave ;) Have spent a bit of time on 246 of late :think: Not that much happens there, just the only forum i found with a good ref to the 6. Now I've found A.S i guess I'll be here and there (and the other few i look at). So, is there a "thankyou meter" so we can see the most...
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    S3 Donought attempt

    Well done, for a 4x4 that's pretty good going. I did it a few years ago in a scoob but failed, so not tried in the 6. I'll give it ago the next time I get a chance. Were you using left foot breaking?
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    I did a search but didn't get any joy. What's the score with the "Thanks" and "Thanked"? I've thanked two people (more to sus it out) and someone has thanked me. How do i know who it was and what does it do apart from created a boy scout meter by your name? PS. if you wish to thank me I...