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  1. ramp1990

    Idiot dangerous Ford Focus RS driver

    500bhp front wheels???? my 1.9cdti tuned astra was bad enough under stear, tyre stripper etc etc
  2. ramp1990

    Finally iv fallen in love with my s3 :)

    loved mine when i went on the test drive :/ lol That didnt put me in good means when i tryed to barter them down
  3. ramp1990

    Disappointed !!!!

    I used to own a corsa and be on corsanet or whatever it was called and a bloke was running 370bhp 2.0turbo redtop and it weighs half a ton soo lol
  4. ramp1990

    S3 - MTC Intake Kit in White

    Would love one of them in blue :)
  5. ramp1990

    Swap my car and give £250.00 for r32 mk5 2008 reg ? Thoughts ?

    before my s3 had a astra 1.9cdti tuned to about 200ish (rounded it up) was horrible couldnt put power down wet round corners little bit of power understear horrible, I drove my misses car other day in the wet you do forget how good the s3 handles the wet roads, without you noticing just seems...
  6. ramp1990

    Swap my car and give £250.00 for r32 mk5 2008 reg ? Thoughts ?

    hmmm id wait for the S3 why would you want something thats 2nd best :P
  7. ramp1990

    Top gear

    I agree this isnt the best series but could only get better, they've lost their flair,
  8. ramp1990

    Top gear

    I like top gear!!!!!!! Last night wasn't the best though.
  9. ramp1990

    Top gear

    Anyone see top gear on Sunday???? just shows the Audi build quality, Mercedes in peaces and the Ferrari eaten alive but the good old Audi Spotless :P
  10. ramp1990

    GuyJ's Sprint Blue S3

    how muuch are the m711s? best color sprint blue always looks clean :)
  11. ramp1990

    GuyJ's Sprint Blue S3

    Im gonna have to get some of those rear lights for my s3 look so much nicer
  12. ramp1990

    LED drl fault

    Hey ive got a problem with my led drl, the car told me i had a light fault so i looked and found the resistor was very hot and had melted the connector with the black wire on both sides (if that makes sence ill get photos in the morning), hasnt touched the stock wiring luckly, its weird its not...
  13. ramp1990

    20% off miltek exhaust

    offer ends 6pm today if your interested :)
  14. ramp1990

    20% off miltek exhaust

    If your anywhere near south wales indego gt has 20% off milltec exhausts thought id post it up if anyones intrested
  15. ramp1990

    s3 exhaust question

    I see most of you go for the milteck exhaust, but seems cheaper if you go to say powerflow and get them to make one cheaper? whats the pros and cons for each?? i did do a quick search on here if its been covered before cheers :)
  16. ramp1990

    why do i get wet when using wind screen washers ?

    It might be a common thing on a lot of cars I've owned 4 cars and thisis the first iI can't leave the window open when I'm washing the windscreen using the washers I get a wet arm? Design fault or? Simple case of adding wind deflectors ?
  17. ramp1990

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Love them wheels, you see the ones i ;posted earlier? Love to do the blue black theme
  18. ramp1990

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    18" MESH 312MB MATT BLACK ALLOY WHEELS FIT MERCEDES C32 C36 C43 C55 AMG | eBay theyd look lush on mine if they fit lol
  19. ramp1990

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Love that spring blue with them amg wheels love to do something like that on my mine black and blue theme
  20. ramp1990

    Sprint Blue Project thread s3uoo

    Midwales in the hills, lol was bit of fun was impressed the the s3 just was too much or the stuff :)