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  1. maw444

    How quick is the wireless charger

    I was disappointed with mine - phone often overheated. Slow speeds - not worth the option extra price
  2. maw444

    Pre-sense fault?

    Yes - sometimes this happens if the sensor on the windscreen is obscured - I have had it when the screen is dirty or heavy rain
  3. maw444

    My Audi Login via web - has it been removed?

    I tried to logon the My Audi website via the Audi website this evening. It seems they have removed the login. Does anyone know if it is still possible to log on via the web - or it going to be app only in future?
  4. maw444

    Dash cams

    I have had my Audi A3 for around 18 months. I am now thinking about having a Dash Cam fitted. I was wondering if anyone had feedback on models which have worked well or not with the Audi. When I had my Golf I had issues with the battery draining with the dashcam - I know the electronics on the...
  5. maw444

    Tracking / wheel alignment means that sensors need recalibrating

    I took my car to a garage and they found out that the rear of the car was not in alignment, so they sorted that out - However, the sensors need to be realigned now. Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. maw444

    New Wiper Blades

    Seems a bit steep Look here - £30.39 - reckon it could be cheaper if you look!
  7. maw444

    Michelin Pilot Sport 5

    used to always go for Pilot Sport 4's for my car and was wondering what people's experience of the Pilot Sport 5's is compared with it's predecessor? Do they wear better? (as claimed) are there any competitor tyres which are better than these. Using them on an Audi A3 on my daily driving car.
  8. maw444

    No longer receiving destinations sent from App

    Mine has been like this for a few weeks -0 but yesterday they all came through so guess it was a system wide issue!
  9. maw444

    Car Drive warning message

    I have a A3 2.0 tdi 24000 miles 18 months old When I started I got message Stop Drive Error call workshop. Car drive fine apart from thr Stop Start and Adaptive Cruise Control didn't work.. Couple of hours later message has gone. Any ideas. Will it reoccur
  10. maw444

    Cubic Telecom

    Not sure why. I checked the plan I purchased for my car, which is the Pan European one. It says that it works in ': Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania...
  11. maw444

    Oil Level Fine 'warning message' on the small MMI

    Yesterday I checked my oil levels etc under the bonnet. When I tuned the ignition on, I got the message 'oil levels fine' message on the small MMI. I have not seen this before in the 12 months I owned the car and can't work out what triggered the message. My software was updated to 3620 at...
  12. maw444

    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    Had my 2021 2.0 TDi serviced at Audi Cambridge. They had it in for the day (only) and serviced it and loaded 5 updates. I am now on 3620 and haven driven to Manchester and back (400 miles in total) and gone through the normal spots where the MMI would reboot can confirm that the software...
  13. maw444

    Petrol cap not opening

    Oh dear - I thought that VAG has sorted this issue out by now. My son's Polo - 10 years old - has this annoying fault. It's the acuator which locks / unlocks the cap. Replaced it twice over the life of the car. Had it on my Golf Mk 7 Seems that it's still an issue!
  14. maw444

    Oil Type 35 TFSI

    What brand oil manufacturers a product which meets audi vw 509 00 standard in the 0 w 20 Thought castrol did but it seems they have removed vw spec from their website Looking to top up my 2.0 tdi in uk
  15. maw444

    What is peoples experience of the A3 hybrid

    I currently drive an A3 2.0 Tdi. I love the torque you get from it But I am thinking with fuel prices about the hybrid. I notice the petrol engine in the hybrid is only a 1400 cc engine so I was wondering what the performance is like if its working on petrol only, given my daily commute can...
  16. maw444

    Latest Software

    My Audi dealer seems to not have heard of the update for the SOS. Anyone know of a dealer in East Anglia who has?
  17. maw444

    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    Looks like the Sat Nav database is also badly out of date
  18. maw444

    myAudi not updating car status

    Same here -I ended up holding down the 'off' button and rebooting - it seemed to have 'kicked it' into action
  19. maw444

    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    Had a phone call with my Auidi centre this afternoon. Was told that each A3 will need a software update, and depending on the date of manufacture, a new SIM card and in some cars, a new control module. Service manager claimed that they have ordered a supply, but been told by Audi Germany it...
  20. maw444

    Map Updates

    I find that if I log onto the My Audi website on my PC that sometimes it seems to think that I am in a non EU country - usually it gives me data in km and not miles - and then there is no map to download. I find that logging off and then checking the country shown in the bottom right as UK...