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  1. nobbybonez

    boost gauge turbo flutter

    same, had a forge one fluttering and changed for oem, all sorted.
  2. nobbybonez

    Urgent ARB question

    i drove an a3 1.8na on one drop link for a couple of days. got the odd knock but was otherwise fine.
  3. nobbybonez

    Haldex Controller - HPA

    what about jizz? edit - nope :D
  4. nobbybonez

    New s3 owner, Temp gauge all over the place

    hahahahahahahahah not a money pit :D
  5. nobbybonez

    S3 pre with facelift headlights - Inoperative levellers and washers - cheapest fix for MOT?

    the clip that the ball fits into is a common fail item, get replacements on ebay as audi won't sell them.
  6. nobbybonez

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    don't worry, its an s3, having to replace parts will result in grid penalties...
  7. nobbybonez

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    ^^lol, did it manage?
  8. nobbybonez

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    dolphin? grey s3, followed you threemilestone to chivvy cross, gave a wave :rockwoot: you on here?
  9. nobbybonez

    Front left headlight xenon bulb not working

    battery ok? i spent ages changing stuff when i had one light not working, ithad been on the ramps with tunes on in the car and battery had gone low.
  10. nobbybonez

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    nice shade of blue s3 leedstown, cornwall.
  11. nobbybonez

    Are the A3 8L Bodies Aluminium or Steel?

    try it with a magnet. if its ali, they sure made a mess of keeping it light
  12. nobbybonez

    Insight into after run pump!?

    you can hear it run/feel vibration from the pump. no fault code afaik. i had intermittent issues with mine, dodgy connections inside pump i believe. new pump was about £40. all sorted.
  13. nobbybonez

    Not an 8L but you'll know the answer concerning Mark IV Golf

    corroded pins on the ecu connector caused immo issues on my t4, might be worth looking at that end.
  14. nobbybonez

    Can I have my front Audi badge blue LED lit?

    you're not allowed to. its barry as f*** :D
  15. nobbybonez

    xenon headlights broke?

    think i just pulled mine, but it was a while ago now...
  16. nobbybonez

    xenon headlights broke?

    when you try to get the motor arm back into the newly fitted clip, make sure the arm is fully extended. the motor moves the arm, the arm moves the light. if its wound in, you'll not have the length to get the ball to reach the clip. it turns and pulls out fine at the moment, cos its not...
  17. nobbybonez

    Reconnected Forge 007 seems down on power
  18. nobbybonez

    xenon headlights broke?

    yup, bumper off light out. blutac on the screwdriver and wind the motor arm with the ball on right out before trying to get it in the clip.
  19. nobbybonez

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    silver s3 K??????? truro court car park tuesday. stickers all round :heavycheck:
  20. nobbybonez

    xenon headlights broke?

    if its the white clips broken, they are easily available on ebay.