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    For Sale Elite Carplay / Joyeauto MMI 2G Carplay / Android Auto unit

    Hi all, I have one of my Elite Carplay / Joyeauto MMI 2G Carplay / Android Auto unit's up for sale. This will the A4 / A5/ A6 / A8 with MMI 2G unit installed. Was installed in my Audi A4 with MMI 2G unit Supports wired and wireless Carplay and Android auto as well as USB media (USB stick...
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    Le Mans alloys

    Is there an 18” Le Mans wheel available that fits the B8? Not a fan of moving up to 19” / 20” wheels (not so great on Scout camp sites), but do like the design of them
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    Sold Audi Q3 towbar and wiring (unused)

    Unused (never fitted) towbar and dedicated wiring kit. collection North Essex (CO4) or courier at cost £170ono
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    Installing Joyeauto / Elite CarPlay MMI 2G kit

    I managed to get sorted, ended up being a faulty unit (DOA)
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    Installing Joyeauto / Elite CarPlay MMI 2G kit

    Hey all, anyone had any experience installing a JOYEAUTO / Elite CarPlay kit for MMI 2G? I got a kit today, but noticed the kit has 2 pairs of CAN BUS wires, and not sure which pair I should be using as the digram suggests the pair which have a plug is not needed, but also says CAN 1 I should...
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    A4 MMI 2G sat nav drive

    Found an one from an A5 locally with same part number etc so hopefully ticks the box
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    A4 MMI 2G sat nav drive

    Hi all, My sat nav packed up today in my A4 B8 with MMI 2G high installed. Looks like the drive has packed in having had it apart to clean laser etc , are these a straight swap? Or they got comment protection as well? Found a unit from an A5 of same year, do I assume this would work as appears...
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    Sold Apple Car play retro fit unit. Multiple Audi car fit

    Gutted it doesn't support the MMI 2G high units otherwise I would have brought
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    Wing Mirrors

    I mean as complete mirror unit, aka plugs etc
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    Wing Mirrors

    Afternoon all, as I have a early B8 my wing mirrors are those where the side repeater is within the colours cap. do I assume these mirrors and the later mirrors are a like for like swap?
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    B8.5 Seats in B8 Electrics

    Done the same swap myself recently with a set from an S4.
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    The Avant Project - A Work In Progress.

    Nice to see a project which has covered a number of things I am planning on my Silver Avant, allows me to vision my plans :)
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    A late Hello with A4 B8 Avant

    Can’t complain for £1100 Completing my S4 seat install today, a tad nice than the SE leathers
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    A late Hello with A4 B8 Avant

    Been on the site for a while, but never got around to saying hi with my A4 Avant
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    Seat airbag plug replacement

    Ended up getting a couple of plugs with tails from someone breaking on Facebook.
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    Seat airbag plug replacement

    Afternoon, Just picked up a set of S4 seats for my A4 (B8). The previously owner chopped the airbag plug off as he needed to converted his RS4 seats to fit his S4. Now the question is does anyone know is the plug you can by 8J0972576 includes new pins or do I need to source separately, my local...
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    Steering wheel

    I know I need to source a new airbag. Was more a case will A3 stuff work on my A4 or is it not worth the work. as the wheel looks like it will need an A3 airbag to fit the as there’s 2 extra posts which look like they will cause problems with a 3 spoke A4 airbag
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    Steering wheel

    Hey all, Been given a 3 spoke steering wheel from a friend who never installed it, and with my overalls worn 4 spoke looks like a good option. Part number of the wheel is 8R0419091G which now looks like it may be a A3 8P wheel. Is this going to work in my A4? Looks like the A3 airbag is...
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    Seat conversion

    Hey all, So I have a well spec'd A4 SE so, been looking at Sline seats, but not finding any full electrics seats like mine. I was wondering if I could use my seat base etc... with a set of s-line seats to get the best of both. I not found any s-line all electrics anywhere near me, but loads of...