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    Driving to France. Hi Vis?

    I got some in the rear door pockets (sportback), but unlike others I didn't get any top up oil. Bit of a lottery with PDI and delivery I guess.
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    Soundaktor A5 TFSI 190cv (B9) 2018

    My S5 sportback has one, it's on the bulkhead under the passenger side windscreen wiper underneath a plastic cover.
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    First oil change

    This reminder was on my "vehicle is taxed" letter, not worth the hassle of not using a dealer for me with a lease.
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    First oil change

    I've just booked my S5 in for the first oil change (4500 miles in 13 months) at Cheshire oaks Audi (inchape group) for £233, my local dealer (jardine group) quoted £327 for the same service. They said they would price match if I got a written quote, but why not just give me the same price over...
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    S5 Annoyances

    Must have just been the app, car had no fault messages when I took it out earlier. Damn!!
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    S5 Annoyances

    Yes!!!! It maybe broke. Trick was to not drive it for 14 days. I'll act dumb and just ask what the fix was after its done.
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    S5 Sportback Tyre Pressures

    I checked mine on delivery and found them at 40psi all round. I've set them to the door sticker settings as Audi should know best for handling/wear balance.
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    Annoying stone chips

    Brilliant black is the flat/non metallic black correct name. I have it and yes, also a large stone chip on the bonnet edge near the wing after 2500 miles, i didnt even hear it happen. Luckily a black marker pen hides it. There will be a lot more before it goes back, just hope I don't get billed...
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    How did this guy get a heated steering wheel on a UK S5?

    I think the heated wheel was £350 Vs flat bottom at £100. Probably why they didn't sell.
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    How did this guy get a heated steering wheel on a UK S5?

    The options last year were: 1. Standard round 2. Heated round 3. Flat bottom I think most went for flat bottom, so maybe Audi dropped the heated option.
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    MY 2018 S5: My catalogue of errors.....

    I get no.2 also, very annoying but I can't bring myself to take it to a dealer until something more important goes wrong. I'm interested if you can post some feedback when you get your car back. (S5 sport back, 5 months old)
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    Google Earth Satellite View

    A factory reset fixed it for me, only done it once when it was new, never had to do it since.
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    S5 fuel & the first 1000!

    1) Don't bother running in. 2) Use whatever unleaded you like. Feeling any better?:D
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    Drive Select Button on steering wheel

    Mine will coast in D but not as readily as when in E. I personally find it a bit disconcerting and it often catches me out on the motorway and have to use the brakes more when I would prefer engine braking.
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    Drive Select Button on steering wheel

    Sorr Sorry chris, I meant to mute the guidance voice. The voice input is hard work, I think there is a teaching option to get it to recognise your voice better at first, then you press the voice button( the one next to the telephone button) and you have to say the address in a specific format...
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    Drive Select Button on steering wheel

    Repeatably pressing the button will scroll downwards through the modes after the first press to being the menu up. I used to have it set to do the same, but I found it didn't respond at all one day, then worked fine a day later, then wouldn't work again despite being correctly configured in the...
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    Collected Ibis White S5 Sportback today

    I've not tested it completely yet , but have you tried pulling back on the gear selector when in D in efficiency mode? When in E I think it cycles between D and E, but it may select S if it starts in D. I don't bother with efficiency mode, just dynamic and switch between D if normal driving and...
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    New S5 Sportback arriving soon

    I would allow at least a week from when it changes to "it's arrived". It's frustrating but just be patient.
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    Suspect I've got faulty exhaust

    Look at the picture in the S4 exhaust valve tweak thread, the valve locations will probably explain the reason for your findings, I would say it's normal depending on how the flaps have been operating.
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    S5 S/B order subject to MY 17/18 production delays

    Nice, I hope they are right. Looks like I have some phone calls to make in the morning (I've got a 2 week window now before I get desperate!)