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    Wanted A4 DTM - Preferably Sprint Blue.

    Thanks for the reply! I'll send you a pm
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    Hi all, Came across the forum looking into my "practical" car choice, you know, the time when you need 4 doors because crawling in the back of a 3 door with a small child is what can only be described as interesting! Back in 2013 i ventured into VAG ownership with an 8P S3 Black...
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    DTM register / owners thread

    Hi all, spent the last couple of weeks clicking through this thread, drooling. Is anyone looking to sell, if so send me a message. Preference is Sprint Blue, but open to suggestions. Thanks!
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    Wanted A4 DTM - Preferably Sprint Blue.

    Looking for an A4 DTM, preferably sprint blue with Xenon and Bose. But open to offers. Thanks for looking!