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  1. essIII

    S3 MY12 Panther Build thread: The End; it's been emotional!

    Ah man, that's not good at all. Here's hoping for a better 2014! Am sure this S3 had "MR COX" as a personalised plate! And yes, loving the M135. Not lost the modding bug either - Superchip, Milltek & Eibach Pros so far!
  2. essIII

    S3 MY12 Panther Build thread: The End; it's been emotional!

    End of an era. Not had any direct dealings, but during my 5 years of S3 ownership your posts were exceptionally useful. Hope your health picks up, love the new S5 - very nearly went for a supercharged V6 S4 myself. On a side note, pretty sure we briefly occupied the same stretch of dual...
  3. essIII

    How would i find out if my car is an import?

    Steering wheel on the left?!
  4. essIII

    Just put my S3 up for sale :/

    I'd take an E46 M3 over a MK5 R32 every day. Personally I did tire of the R32's V6 - it sounds great but just doesn't have the punch that I like.
  5. essIII

    what colour to wrap chrome grill surround

    Another plastidipped one...
  6. essIII

    Specialists Southampton/Portsmouth/Hampshire ?

    My brother used to use Regal in Southampton - VAG and Porsche specialists I believe...
  7. essIII

    Deposit on first Sprint Blue S3, anyone recognise it?

    Doesn't look like anyone's suggested Greenlight for insurance yet - so I'd give them a buzz too; looked after me and my modded S3 very well. Congrats on the car, best colour too :).
  8. essIII

    2007 audi s3 misfire under boost

    Mate, before doing any more mechanical stuff, take Alex's advice and get the car logged while misfiring (i.e. out on the road, under load). Without that, you could end up trying another 10 things that don't solve the issue. Logging should highlight where the problem actually lies.
  9. essIII

    AUDI S3 8P 2006 - WHAT TO MOD NEXT?

    Smoked repeaters - cheap and will look good against the grey.
  10. essIII

    My New Wheels

    Lovely wheels mate, looks great against the Solar. Now for smoked repeaters, black mirror caps and MY11 rear lights?!?
  11. essIII

    Upgraded mounts ?

    I went with THS top mounts and then a powerflex insert on the bottom mount, rather than replacing it. Well, in fairness I did the powerflex first, then the THS when I was still getting knocking. As Alex says, probably best to do all 3 if you're starting from scratch. Can't comment on labour...
  12. essIII

    Upgraded mounts ?

    I got THS mounts installed when I was Stage 2 (because I could hear the Milltek banging the bottom of the car on hard upshifts) - slight increase in cabin vibration but absolutely worth it.
  13. essIII

    2.0T FSI - Yellow oil light

    Yep, don't sweat over the yellow light. It's quite conservative, I did many miles with the yellow light on in my oil guzzling s3.
  14. essIII

    stage 2 + miltek

    2+ requires a cold air intake and upgraded high pressure fuel pump. Probably looking at £600ish for the pair - depends if you spot some second hand bargains! The Stage 2+ map is designed to work with those mods, and has a degree of flexibility in terms of being set up to work with your car...
  15. essIII

    Wipers Stop When I Park

    Mate, he doesn't have auto wipers.
  16. essIII

    Do you declare your mods?

    +1 - I used to actually enjoy conversations with Greenlight for 2 reasons: 1. They were friendly, knowledgeable and seemed to have a genuine interest in what you're talking about. 2. They were very reasonable re: premium increases and admin fees. I'd still be with them now, except I fall foul...
  17. essIII

    Do you declare your mods?

    How weird. I'm sure my S3 was valued at more than that when they first insured me. Is this a new thing with them, or am I going mad?! :think:
  18. essIII

    Do you declare your mods?

    A max limit of 20k what? Miles or pounds? I'm sure there's not a £20k vehicle value limit with greenlight - maybe an age related thing?