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  1. Ranj S3

    Audi S3 8V Power Folding Mirrors Retrofit - Full Tutorial - Cost £374!!!

    Hi Audi-Sport members, For my YouTube channel (S3Ranj), and something I've been wanting to do for some while, I retrofitted power folding mirrors to my Audi S3 8V Facelift Sportback. Cost me £374.01. I know there are other S3 8V owners like me, who didn't get power folding mirrors as an...
  2. Ranj S3

    Post your B9 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Selling these Genuine OEM Brand New Audi A4 B9 4 POT (4 Piston) Calipers in Ferrari Giallo Yellow. Never fitted to a car. Bought as I wanted to try experiment something, but didn't work out, so never fitted. Will fit all B8.5/B9 Audi A4, and equivalent year A5 models. Complete caliper...
  3. Ranj S3

    Facelift S3 8V Facelift Brake Kit Upgrade

    Thanks bud. Yeah, I think I might have to do it the hard way, through trial, error and returning things!
  4. Ranj S3

    Facelift S3 8V Facelift Brake Kit Upgrade

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing good. I have an s3 8v facelift sportback. Currently running 340mm discs at front on stock wheels. But, I'm planning on upgrading the front brakes to macan 4 pot calipers, and 2 piece 345mm discs. I've also got new wheels coming up. Motec Tornado 19" 8.5J ET45...
  5. Ranj S3

    Looking for advice regarding lowering

    Went with Racingline. Can't fault them. Looks amazing. 25mm all around. Comfort hasn't been compromised at all.
  6. Ranj S3

    Dynamic indicators wing mirror

    Here is my guide of installing these indicators on my S3 8V FL.
  7. Ranj S3

    Springs vs Coilovers (And what springs)..?

    Hi, I'm wanting to lower my S3 8V FL. I don't think I need to get coil overs, given I don't ever take my car on track or really hammer it often. I do want it lower for aesthetic and handling reasons. I want the car to feel more planted, I'm planning on getting F&R anti roll bars too...
  8. Ranj S3

    Will I need spacers? - These are the brakes I plan on getting.
  9. Ranj S3

    Will I need spacers?

    Hi, I hope all is well. I'm planning on getting some new alloys. Motec Ultralight Weight 19'' 8.5j ET45- I am confident they will fit no issue. However, I'm also planning on going for bigger brakes. I'm thinking of adding the RS3 8V 8pot brake set up. My question is, will this be a good...
  10. Ranj S3

    What are good aftermarket wheels brands for the Audi S3 8V FL Sportback?

    Hi, What good aftermarket wheels brands are they? Rotiform, Ispiri, Veeman, Japan Racing etc.? I also want them to fit perfectly, so what size do you guys have? Thinking 19" 8.5j et45? With this size, what size tyre? Lastly, if I was to fit these sizes, could I space them, and how low could...
  11. Ranj S3

    Will the Audi Speedlines 19" 8.5j ET48 fit on my Audi S3 8V FL?

    Hi Lehn, thank you so much for the reply. I really appriciate it. Perfect, I've ordered them and I'll see what they look like when I get them in a few weeks. Yes, I'm going to with the Michelin PS4S. I've got the PS4 on my 18" rotors right now. That makes so much more sense, I was reading...
  12. Ranj S3

    Will the Audi Speedlines 19" 8.5j ET48 fit on my Audi S3 8V FL?

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing well. I just got my dream car, the S3 8V FL a 2 months ago after years of waiting to be in the position to get one. I want to upgrade the wheels from 18" to the 19" Speedlines. The wheel size is 8.5j, et48. I'm not the most techinal person when it comes to...