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    Sold Genuine Audi 20” with tyres Pirelli

    Hi these are now sold I’m afraid. Regards Slapz
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    For Sale Number Plate RS 6 BAE (R66 BAE)

    If you or your lady drives an RS6 this should go nicely with it Regards Slapz
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    Sold Genuine Audi 20” with tyres Pirelli

    Hello I have a set of 4 x audi 20” wheels with Pirelli run flats 275 35 20 2 tyres are 5mm and the other 2 will need replacing. Fairly clean wheels might be some scuffs as I can’t get clearer pics. Away from home. Came off car as new wheels went on. Just to give you an idea of what they are...
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    Wanted Audi A7 facelift 2015 honeycomb grill and diffuser

    HI Guys Looking for a audi a7 rs7 facelift honey combe grill and rear diffuser if anyone has hit me up thx Regards Slapz
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    Wanted iPhone 11 Pro, 11 pro max, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max 256GB wanted

    Hello As above one of the following wanted in absolute Mint condition or my OCD will feck me silly. preferable in 256gb iPhone 11 pro or 11 pro max iPhone 12 pro or 12 pro max reasonably priced, what have you. Regards Slapz
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    For Sale S555UP G (Number plate for sale)

    Hi Guys As above the following number plate is available for sale. reads S555UP G send offers Regards Slapz
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    Wanted VCDS cable

    vcds cable wanted asap, I am based in east London delivery or collection would be good if you are near by. Regards Slapz
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    Sold Genuine ROSS TECH Micro-Can-USB Cable

    Hi is this still available can you pm me pls location as i might want to collect in person thx