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  1. Jon B

    Advice for prospective owner??

    1st gear from standstill mainly. More pronounced in hot weather. If I floored it in 2nd, sometimes it would judder then, also. I sold my A4 about 6 months ago and now have an auto A6 C7 instead.
  2. Jon B

    Advice for prospective owner??

    I never got them replaced. I just lived with it from 40,000 to 120,000 miles.
  3. Jon B

    Advice for prospective owner??

    The clutch and dual mass flywheel are made of chocolate. £1,000 job at an indie to replace both. If there is no judder, then all good.
  4. Jon B

    Audi A4 Depreciation

    I’ve just sold my A4 2.0 TDI SE Technik 2013. Paid £13,500 in 2017 with 41k on the clocks Sold £4,800 last week with 117k on the clock privately on Facebook marketplace. Autotrader reckoned I could get £5,600 - but I wanted a quick sell, so listed for £4,950 and I was swamped with interest. It...
  5. Jon B

    Steering wheel feels heavy when turning - is that normal

    I do find the A4 steering feels heavier than other cars I’ve driven. I like it.
  6. Jon B

    Rear windscreen arm

    Thanks for your help. Fitted new arm today, took 5 minutes.
  7. Jon B

    Rear windscreen arm

    Thanks for this. I got the bolt off OK today. Does the mount twist off or just pull it off?
  8. Jon B

    Rear windscreen arm

    Excellent - cheers! I did take the cap off and thought it might be as simple as that.
  9. Jon B

    Rear windscreen arm

    Hi all, I recently had the rear wiper motor replaced on my B8.5 Avant. I don’t know if the garage bodged it or I’m just unlucky as earlier this week the wiper arm snapped off. I can see you can buy replacements reasonably cheaply at £25. Are they easy to fit, any special tools required? I...
  10. Jon B

    Looking at a 2013 B8 2.0 TDIe SE as a cheap runabout....

    Hi, Firstly, it’ll be a B8.5. Is it SE or SE Technik? Get the Technik if you can stretch. Sat Nav would be included with that, not sure about SE. Ignore official Audi advice on cam belt. I got mine done at 60k. About £400 at a good Audi indie including water pump. The 134bhp engine won’t...
  11. Jon B

    Child car seat tether anchor missing on the left side - Help

    How about just buy car seats without top anchor? We’ve never had an isofix car seat that requires a third tether.
  12. Jon B

    How do you get your bike in your car ??

    I’m actually going to be getting rid of my A4 at the end of the year for a C7 A6. So will be looking to sell my genuine Audi bars, if you’re struggling with your option.
  13. Jon B

    How do you get your bike in your car ??

    I guess it depends how many passengers you have in the car. I’ve been to France for two weeks, just me and my wife in an A3 Sportback with the seats down, road bike in with the wheels off and full of luggage. Now I have kids I transport like this...
  14. Jon B

    Advice for prospective owner??

    If buying a manual, look out for judder.
  15. Jon B

    Battery charging

    Realistically, how long will a battery stay charge when the car is not being used for a while? My car has 114k on the clocks and is usually doing 500 miles per week, but it has basically been mothballed for the past few weeks and for the foreseeable future with working from home arrangements.
  16. Jon B

    Rear Wiper Stopped Working

    Hi, As the title suggests. Rear wiper has stopped working on my B8.5 Avant. The spray mechanism still works, but it doesn’t move and is stuck on the middle of the rear windscreen. Is the motor knackered, if so - easy to replace for a novice? Thanks, Jon
  17. Jon B

    Daft question - do I have to get dealer service to stop notifications?

    I use Audi indie and they reset service indicator. Don’t see the point in the online service book. I have reams of invoices for all work done. I get the oil changed every 10,000 instead of variable anyway.
  18. Jon B

    2015 A4 advice

    I drive 25-30k miles a year in mine. It’s my workhorse. Mine is a 2013 model with now 111k on the clock - I’ve only just replaced front discs and pads for first time. Lots of motorway miles! Cambelt - 5 years or 60k miles whichever is soonest. Ignore official Audi advice.
  19. Jon B

    Audi A4 (B8) 2.0 TDI CR 1968 cc 2012 134 bhp Celtic Tuning remap = clutch slip

    Lol. Not sure on other options, but given the clutch and flywheel is pants at standard torque level it seems pointless chucking another grand or so on another standard clutch at that increase in torque and power.
  20. Jon B

    Maintenance Due between 100-150k miles?

    Hi all, Happy New Year! This question relates to a manual diesel B8.5. Essentially, car is on 110k miles and I have an option to purchase my father in law’s 17 plate Audi A6 Avant Black Edition in April 2021. Therefore I am likely to be hitting around 140k miles in the A4 by then. Unforeseen...