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  1. Jsmills

    Genuine Audi Beam Rings Puddle Lights - Audi part no?

    Seems to be genuine, part number 4G0052133K
  2. Jsmills

    Car has arrived, storage pack and Boot question.

    I know this thread was a while ago, but did it fit? My local dealer has quoted £85 for that part which I’m inclined to pay to stop the kids drinks going everywhere!
  3. Jsmills

    Traffic sign recognition Parameterisation

    hi, what coding did you follow for the c8? I did it on my b9 A4, is it the same? thanks.
  4. Jsmills

    Is Apple CarPlay wireless?

    My Sline A6 was built early Jan 2020 and does wireless CarPlay from the factory. If you want any scans just let me know. I’ve got ODB11 and VCP.
  5. Jsmills

    S line? BE? totally confused

    Tints are standard fit now on sline too..