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  1. A4 190

    Coil Pack recall

    Hi guys, Probably been covered loads on here but anyway... Had stuttering from the car last week, did my homework on here and figured coil pack, so started pricing them up. Then though I had read something months ago when I was researching buying my Avant so rang the local dealer. Booked in...
  2. A4 190

    Audi A4 bodykit conversion to b7

    Fun while it lasted but going round in circles now....+1.
  3. A4 190

    VCDS / VAGcom Warrington / Cheshire Area

    Nope, thought that might be the case, I need another 11 posts... Scott, could you PM me your contact info pls? Cheers, Paul.
  4. A4 190

    VCDS / VAGcom Warrington / Cheshire Area

    QJ, thanks, had a look before posting and sent a PM to FactionOne, just thought I'd widen the net a bit. scott b, will PM you (if I have enough posts under my belt)
  5. A4 190

    VCDS / VAGcom Warrington / Cheshire Area

    Hi all, further to my previous post about a dodgy headlight switch I want to try resetting my light sensor to see if it cures the fault. My headlights are on constantly, even if not in auto position. Anyone in or near Warrington with VCDS willing to help? Beer tokens available! Cheers, Paul...
  6. A4 190

    A4 Avant Headlight switch

    Hi all, firstly, got to say, really like the forum. I used it to do my homework before buying my current (and first) Audi. Invaluable. Right, Ive been lurking about for a while now and done a couple of searches but no joy. Here's the problem: my headlight switch is playing up. My lights are...