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    18inch rims and 40mm lowering?

    Good job your car looks great.
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    Ride height?

    If the springs are 40mm lowering springs they will lower the car 40mm below stock level as long as you have bought the correct springs for your car.
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    Taking the ****

    A man is sitting in the pub having a quiet drink when a gremlin comes in and asks for a half. He downs his drink quickly, then runs along the bar, sticks his head in the man’s pint and shakes it around. The man is bemused, but continues to drink as the gremlin returns to his seat. The little...
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    Gran Turismo 5

    I can’t wait until gt 5 comes out its gonna be awesome. Buying a ps3 just for that game and gta of course.
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    Internet Business

    Hi or go are excellent places to purchase a domain name. As for hosting I recommend host