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    A5 Convertible leaking roof

    Dealer has finally rang, says the seal is fitted but when they came to fit it they found the foot wells full of water, they asked me if it was like this when i brought it in, i said they were wet, she replied they are full now. I then asked where it had been parked? Answer, out side in the rain...
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    A5 Convertible leaking roof

    Had my a5 for about 5 months now, brought it second hand but it had only done 7k miles or so. Firstly the roof broke, off to dealer and they sorted it, second the ac broke, off to dealer and they sorted it, (under warrantee). Now I have water pouring in over the drivers, passengers and into the...
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    Progarmming remote controls

    That looks like a good bit of kit, easy to use?
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    emanual on line???

    Im in the process of downloading an a5 workshop manual from emanual. Payed for it and they send you a link for the download. I have a reasonable download speed here in the stix but its taking ages so there upload must be low. Made me think they perhaps arnt as professional as they make out. Any...
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    Keys locked in boot of A5 CAB

    I have recently purchased a conv a5, i have to say it is very easy to lock your keys in the boot. I was playing around with it the day i got it and realised that this could happen. Just hope it doesnt catch the missus out one day when she is miles from home. I have warned her so hopfully it...
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    Hello all.

    I will have to take some pics, im in northamptonshire. Will have a good look round when i get a chance. Steve
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    Hello all.

    Hi all, my names steve and i have just purchased a 2010 audi a5 se convertible. Its my first audi so looking forward to getting stuck in. Thought id join up and see what the score is. Cheers. Steve