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    :lmfao: nice one!!
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    RS4 Full Re spray white

    I love the RS4s - B5 especially!! :hubbahubba: They look good in any colour :)
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    Hey welcome to the forum, im new aswell Got any pics of your car?
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    Why I fired my Secretary

    :lmfao: Like it
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    Is there a regular Scottish meet?

    I would definatly be up for this. All i need to do is find the right car and get myself along. There are also sum really nice driving roads around where i stay and sum nice spots for pics etc. Anyone kin of a nice audi for sale :happy:
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    HEY FOLKS........

    Cheers fo letting me know. I will try and not do it again lol Aye i wouldnt mind an A4?
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    HEY FOLKS........

    .....Thot i wud say hi as im a newbie. My names Shaun and i stay in Montrose, Scotland. Im 25 and currently not driving a car at the moment but iv always loved audis and wud like 2 get 1 next. :happy: My ideal car wud b a :yellowrs4: (B5 tho) .... Just love them!!