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    Audi a3 new stereo to replace original head unit...recommendation please.

    Hi people I want to replace my original audi concert cd player in my audi a3 2004 with the new stereo system but I am not sure which one to go for. I had a sony gt450 in my old civic and it was great. However I want something new but I havent got a clue which one would be thebest for my car...
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    Cant get a good quote for first car 20 year old

    Try tesco insurance,they are quire reasonable price if you get cover as second driver.
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    Recommended products/routine for dark metallic/pearlescent Audi's

    It seems that item are out of stock??
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    Twin tailpipes: Quoted £341 to replace..

    My is 140 tdi sport 2004. I dont think its s line :)
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    a3 devil eye headlights :help please:

    Thats nice,I always wanted one of it on my :))
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    Twin tailpipes: Quoted £341 to replace..

    I have 2.0 tdi 2004 and I want a stainless steel tail pipe as well. My is facing downward so what is the idea to do this?replace the backbox? @aidenuk what is the reason that you dont want to replace the back box since it is even cheaper than the price you got quoted?
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    Paul-S3's Project StealthTDI build thread.....

    Please post up some pictures when you have done the conversion. I have the same car and I am looking to do the same. I have to agree with you that double grills does look nasty lol.
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    Did anyone here convert your A3 to S3 2011?

    People I forgot to mention one thing about me is I am 21 next week and I live in london so insurance on actual S3 is madness. I love S3 but since I cant afford for the insurance I want a replica s3. 2.0TDI is not that bad,it still got some power which is still faster than number of car out...
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    Did anyone here convert your A3 to S3 2011?

    I have seen this on ebay and I was thinking of buying it but when I read the description,it is cat D car. This is why I let it off.
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    Did anyone here convert your A3 to S3 2011?

    Yes my car is 3 doors 2004 tdi. I am not sure if I have headlight washer but I will check that out.
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    Did anyone here convert your A3 to S3 2011?

    I just looking to get the front bumper and rear bumper only. I want to leave the engine standard as it was. Maybe remap it only :))
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    Did anyone here convert your A3 to S3 2011?

    Thats is quite expensive job as my car only worth 6k. I was thinking of spending up to 1.5K for exterior only. Maybe I may just change my mind and do S line bumper lol.
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    Did anyone here convert your A3 to S3 2011?

    Hi people I am looking to convert my a3 tdi 2004 to 2011 S3. However I am not sure what is the price for all the parts and if anyone up here has done it before please let me known what was your experience and how much did it cost. Cheers
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    Sat Nav for my A3....Should I buy it?

    I am located in south east london :))I just type the name on google and I found your unit,it seem pretty decent but give me sometime to think :))
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    eBay bargains!! Look what the postman just dropped off

    Is this really going to fit a3?I have a3 2004 tdi and I want this one my car as well :)))what is your old steering wheel look like?if it is an s line then I dont mind to have it :))
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    Sat Nav for my A3....Should I buy it?

    Yes guys thanks for your comments. To be honest quality is what I am worried about so after reading you guys comments,I have decided not to go for it ;)) I may just go for original Audi sat nav. However if you guy ms got any good recommendation then let known ;))something around 400 quids :))
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    Sat Nav for my A3....Should I buy it?

    Hi people I just got an a3 2004 tdi recently. I am thinking of getting a sat nav/dvd player to make it look good as I like high tech. However I am thinking if I should buy the audi original sat nav or should I go for this one on ebay AUDI A3 / S3 7" GPS SAT NAV DVD MP3 iPOD BLUETOOTH DIGITAL...
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    Allow me to re-introduce myself...

    I just bough a3 8p 2004 tdi,just the same like your and I am looking to do something with it but not sure where to start :))Post up some pictures as soon as you done any mods on your car so I can share your experiences :)