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    Audi assist

    Thanks everyone, minds made up. The renewal is £89 or £145 for 2 years. Its not about the money more around having an Audi engineer come out if needed. I'm not sure if I will change the car next year so will extend for a further year
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    Audi assist

    is Audi assist run by the AA? My car is 3 yo next month and I have had my renewal through and was wondering if it was worth shopping around or sticking with Audi assist ? Cheers Steve
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    Facelift I was in no rush home.....

    I was driving at the time the evidence is clear to see, I wasn't in control of the mobile device though
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    Facelift I was in no rush home.....

    Different beast would love an S3 but my commute and yearly mileage doesn't make it viable
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    Facelift I was in no rush home.....

    Not bad for a 2 litre 184bhp oil burner
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    The Wheel Specialist near Fareham

    Thank You I have a similar scuff on my wheel.
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    The Wheel Specialist near Fareham

    How much did they charge you (if you don't mind me asking) ??
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Gave mine a clean....
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    Help with tiny stone chip?

    How long does the paint take to dry once you have dripped a small bit into the stone chip?
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    Facelift Electromechancial Parking Brake Frustration

    I have found a few revs before lifting the clutch helps with a smooth release, it will release if I lift the clutch fractionally with no revs, (if I am somewhere I know the tragic light change priority) to aid a swifter getaway (2.0tdi a3)
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    Help with tiny stone chip?

    I have a similar chip on my bonnet and share the op's original concern, is there somewhere where I can confirm my cars colour?
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    New tyres

    £330 for 4 conti's what does the AO stand for?
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    Wait for 184 or settle with 150

    i test drove both the 150 and 184 A3 sportbacks and settled on the 184 2WD. The 184 imo appeared smoother quicker and more relaxed in its drive, keep it in dynamic and it does everything I want, quick enough economical enough. I have got used to it now though and I am looking to map it to...
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    Alloy wheel cleaning?

    Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I'm not quite a detailer but do enjoy keeping my car looking as clean as I can and the alloys although clean have the annoying black spotting on them. I have googled the iron deposit removers and can now see that I need to use one of these products along...
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    Auto Clima

    Very informative thank you. I must admit I'm one of the people who will turn off the aircon during the colder months and after reading somewhere that if its 16' or less outside then using aircon has no impact unless it's damp and I need to demist. Reading this article has changed my mind now...
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    Alloy wheel cleaning?

    Hi everyone, I have a question around cleaning my alloys. I use autoglym alloy wheel cleaner which gets the brake dust and grime off nicely. When you look close after cleaning I can see dots of dirt which looks like tar but is probably ingrained brake dust that I cannot shift. Has anyone got any...
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    Winter Wax & Leather Care

    Looks great, I always get disappointed at this time of year after cleaning my car, one drive and its dirty again, very frustrating.
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    Black Friday Coming !

    Definitely 25th November in the UK with cyber Monday swiftly following on Monday 28th November
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    Facelift Someone's pride n joy on the M1 today

    I did think breakdown, but was being towed by a new disco so looked delivery ?