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    Is it possible to rollback an emissions software update? It's definitely affected mpg and I think also noise at lower revs on my 2017 2.0 TDI 184 (CUNA engine code) I don't want a remap, just the original engine software. I've found some places online that do it, but they seem to be coy with...
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    2017 TDI Dealer Engine ECU software update?

    I've got a 2017 TDI 184 that is due an oil service. Booked it in at AUDI and they advise me there is a "recall" software update for the engine ECM. I asked if this is something I can opt out of, and they said no. I'm open to improvements, but something tells me it might be related to emissions...
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    New Q3 virtual cockpit on 8v chassis a3

    LCD screens are cheap so this technology is going to be rife in all cars soon (well it's almost there now). I'm not a particular fan. Our tiguan has the full virtual cockpit screen, whilst I appreciate it's adaptability to show various layouts including sat nav, I prefer proper analogue gauges...
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    Bilstein B8 + H&R Springs constantly hitting bump stops

    Don't suppose you still have those do you to sell?
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    Bilstein B8 + H&R Springs constantly hitting bump stops

    I just got an Eibach Pro Kit, the front springs "look" identical to the H&R front spring so I'm hesitant to fit them (same spindly wire thickness (11.8mm) and the same height (off the car)). I borrowed this photo from another thread, it's fitted with Eibach Pro Springs, front looks too low vs...
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    Bilstein B8 + H&R Springs constantly hitting bump stops

    @-Ju- do you have any photos? I think I might have to change something, maybe fit Eibach Pro and alter the internal bump stop to make it less of hard whack. Right now, if the road is undulating or remotely bumpy it's like riding on a soft pillow and then hard thuds as it hits the bump stop.
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    Bilstein B8 + H&R Springs constantly hitting bump stops

    Is anyone running Bilstein B8 dampers on their A3? I've fitted some with H&R 30mm lowering springs (not the lowest they do) but it seems to sit far too low (they are the standard H&Rs) and seem really soft. The damping on the front isn't great, not much improvement over stock S-Line, and I keep...
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    A3 8V subwoofer stopped working

    Do all A3s have a subwoofer? Where is it located? I have a 2017 TDI Sline, it's got what I assume a standard system but seems to lack bass and I thought with my 57-reg Sport having subwoofer as standard in the rear left bootspace this new car would have something too, but doesn't sound like it.
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    Rejecting an S3

    I think they send them out and work on the basis that most won't come back, and they will try and fix those that do. Easier and lazier than making sure they're all perfect isn't it! I thought new AUDIs came fully protected during transport? Have seen a fair few car transporters with the cars...
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    Rusting Wheelhubs on New Model A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI SE

    More or less all iron brake discs out of the swept area rust. The factory production paint doesn't always last as it's thin and undergoes a lot of heat and is exposed to elements. It is not feasible to paint them with something like hammerite from the factory as the brake surface would be...
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    Concert versus Audi Sound System

    I've had 3 A3s two with Concert and one with BOSE (I had a BOSE and a Concert car at the same time). For me there is little difference between the two, the BOSE just had a tighter sounding base at low levels but it was often too much so I don't really miss it in my current car with Concert as...
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    Tiresome Road Noise & Ride A3 SB

    Goodyear AS2 have a very quiet db rating, quieter that their low rolling resistance EfficientGrip too. That is one factor, the other as has been mentioned is the sidewall, softer walls more compliant and less likely to transmit noise in to the cabin wheras Bridgestones always usually stiffer...
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    Alu Trim or Black Trim

    Some contrast is often nice.
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    ** WARNING ** S3 Porn Ahead

    Leave that to Vauxhall VXRs and Asian manufacturers!
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    ** WARNING ** S3 Porn Ahead

    Looks nice - I think - please take some normal photos with a normal lense and repost!
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    8P wheels on 8V

    Yea that offset is almost he same and a narrow tyre will mean they'll fit fine. As long as they clear the brakes (diameter) and the centre bore is the same (and of course the PDC/bolt pattern). An AUDI dealer will just give a "computer says" no answer.
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    2013 Audi S3

    Doesn't looks thatt aggressive/sporty to me, the front end looks like a normal A3? Perhaps will look better in the flesh, much like the normal 8V A3 does?
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    Road noise

    Sorry what I wrote was probably confusing, I was comparing to the 8P (I know the thead was about 8v but as that hasbeen described as having louder than normal roadnoise it was one thing I'd havethough they'd improved; I bet they have of course relatively speaking but it is a newer car)
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    Road noise

    It's true that if the engine and wind noise is quieter then something else gets relatively louder, but in general the A3 (8P at least) is on the noisy side for road noise and the 61-plate A5 S-line Sportback I had for a short time was noisy too and that's a fairly big car. On my first A3 I...
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    Road noise

    The 8P A3 is noisy for road noise IMO and the S-Line I had was no worse or better than the Sports on smaller wheels and softer suspension - it's disappointing then that it's not been sorted in the new 8v. You can try and fit "quieter" tyres but it will always remain noisy in its size class for...