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    Wheeler Dealers

    ive seen a few of these the most recent was a porsche payed 700 for it total after bits came to i think about 1100, he then advertised it for 1750 the guy said 1400 he said no, then the next offer came in 1500 and he took it. ed had done a great job on it but you take the labour charge into...
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    My petrol cost calculator

    bless her, she likes a drink doesnt she!!!:lmfao:
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    My petrol cost calculator

    ouch how big is your tank?
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    the dreaded clio!

    if i had one id just get it sorted before it ends up takin your life!
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    Mk3 Polo with 1.8T engine

    oh my god its alot of money for a car which like he says cant go round corners and dont bother in the wet. must admit its as mad as a box of frogs though.
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    the dreaded clio!

    you know this problem that keeps popping up with the renault clio and the bonnet flying up, that renault claim isnt a problem! well ive just seen a poor clio owner in a layby on the a17 with there bonnet nicely pressed up agaisnt the windscreen, that must be a scary moment in life! come on...
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    STOLEN: S4 S-Line Estate

    unlucky mate, thieving gits hope u get it back asap.
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    What would you do?

    someone has probably hit them and done and runner, now hes thinking hmmmmm how can i get this fixed????? i know there was that guy months ago who scratched my car, he'll never know ive been hit again! i would want to c photos from the insurance company before you admit liabilty to his latest bump.
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    CD Player in S3 upgrade

    you will probably find the radio wont tune into all the radio stations you want. the gap in frequency is larger over there. i had a pioneer head unit from the states, and it doesnt tell you what your listening too.
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    Oh! Happy Days....

    rubbish!!! he took out a cone at the end :asskicking: very good.
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    How to ruin a classic car

    why oh why. what a shame.
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    who else is..................

    didnt even know about it, good pics though, so i didnt miss anything!
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    ****** WICKED!

    i wish i had been charged more than once, would have been a nice savings account, i could do with the money.
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    Your previous car - pics!

    my last car, toyota corolla g6r, it was 3 years ago now. only have the one picure.
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    Bodybuilding pensioners??

    i saw it, very wrong indeed.
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    Tempur 'memory foam' Mattress

    my dad got a copy one from ikea. alot cheaper seems hard to me to sit on but he likes it.
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    LPG anyone?

    the misses drives a zafira dual fuel, it uses slightly more than using petrol but is cheaper over all and if you go anywhere near the congestion charge in london then its free. £12 will do about 200 miles if driven sensibly, on petrol it will only do 35 mpg if your lucky! how rubbish is that! i...
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    Google image your screen name and post the 1st pic

    apparantly im a comedian!!! no images for my screen name though.
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    Who remembers....

    just a few more off the top of my head. :icon_thumright:
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    Who remembers....