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    Looks the puppies-private mate - 110% better
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    Well after a long wait I picked it up Thursday....

    Nice one steeve, get those pic's posted up. My 3.2 got built last week so it should be here in 3 weeks
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    Chipping 3.2

    Was wondering the same thing myself
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    Superchips TFSI sportback

    thats why i'm selling up, its days are numbered!
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    Superchips TFSI sportback

    Feck me thats quick! either that or the new S4 is VERY slow
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    Part Exchange Can I retract my car?

    Your dealer won't mind, as TDI says, its just hassle for him to sell it on. I always get a price off the dealer and then sell it private at the last min to raise an extra few quid. Even if you don't do a private sale it I bet he'll honour the trade-in price.
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    S lines delivery times

    Could be something to do with the location - Hertfordshire V Wakefield, I pay £1000 to insure my S4 Cab, but I do live very close to the gangster capital of the UK. Steph, the exhaust extension is just a push-on item .
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    S lines delivery times

    Steph, the exhaust extension is a £40 chrome tail piece (see below)
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    S lines delivery times

    I've been promised (sic) 6-7 Weeks on a factory order.
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    Checkpoint 5 means the car is in the paintshop, when it reaches checkpoint 8 then the car in finished but still in some third world bodyshop having that really annoying rattle added that will drive you nuts and the dealer won't be able to locate. Checkpoint 11 is when the car is shipped to...
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    Pics of My Car

    Oh come on lets get some rear & side shots, BTW did you go for the rear valance with twin exhaust?
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    It's Here !!!!!! What a great car.

    Got 11,000 miles on my 3.2 now and it just gets better, you'll have to post up some pics of the Abt kit once its on
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    Sportback Insurance

    Posted by JoJo: Thu Oct 21 2004 01:15 PM Calm down dear ... it's only a ... I was pretty sure this thread was about saving moneys on insurance and not weather we can afford it or not. These threads tend to offer valuable information to aid us in saving as much as possible from these...
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    A3 Sportsback @ Paris 2004

    Silver & Red anyone?
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    Clever windscreen wipers - or bust?

    Yeah, my CSL & M3 did that too
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    Anyone looking at buying a new A3 should read this

    [ QUOTE ] scoTTy said: Are prices announced at Audi dealers yet? [/ QUOTE ] Prices for the Sportback came out this week. More details can now be found in this thread: The A3 Sportback On the road prices 1.6 £16,010.00 1.6 SE £18,010.00 1.6 Sport £18,010.00...
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    A3 Sportback Price and Spec Lists

    The 'two-part Open Sky glass sunroof system which will enable much of the roof section to be retracted' will be the must have re-sale option.