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  1. Potterswheel

    Great Driving Roads

    just trying to pull it all together :friendly wink:
  2. Potterswheel

    Great Driving Roads

    @S32B wrote Just did this, some great roads and lovely views, hardly any cars on it either! Its called the "Evo Triangle" This is the route with a few pics of the views:
  3. Potterswheel

    Great Driving Roads

    A537 Buxton to Macclesfield road Known locally as the Cat and Fiddle, Michelin and BF Goodrich used this road in an add campaign " fun is not a straight line" then had to rescind it !!! woke .................. Average speed cameras all the way , but there are plenty of places to stop ! This...
  4. Potterswheel

    Rear Parking Aid Sensors

    what car what forum???
  5. Potterswheel

    Awesome GTI

    I have used these guys in the past and found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful
  6. Potterswheel

    Great Driving Roads

    A4069 the Black mountain road, used by all the motoring programs especially Top Gear Fantastic drive if you get clear road and no ice cream vans
  7. Potterswheel

    Work light I'm going blind!

    Thank you for your response - "we are not alone" I too went down the route of head torches and indeed went for the replaceable batteries, but found that like you every time I went to use the head torch it seemed that the batteries were flat, even using Duracell I have tried several! I also...
  8. Potterswheel

    Work light I'm going blind!

    Some time ago I asked for some advice on work lights and have received little by the way of constructive feedback! so being a Bosch tools fan and having several Bosch 18V batteries already I bit the bullet and I asked Santa for a Bosch work light, here are my initial thoughts:- this is the...
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    Service checklist/sheet.

    YES, but I do my own
  10. Potterswheel

    Service checklist/sheet.

    I keep a spread sheet on all my cars, detailing date, mileage, reason , comments, parts, cost, supplier. along with the receipts, people who have see this have been impressed. pm me if you want a copy
  11. Potterswheel

    New plates

    nice polished Perspex for me easy to keep clean
  12. Potterswheel

    Electrical connector terminal disengagement Question.

    hi I know its not exactly the same (cable in line not @ 90°) but if you can see the 'tang' in the photo, you have to push a thin blade up behind the connector in the housing from the open end and release it.
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    R. I. P Murray Walker

    I met him once - what a gent, gone but never forgotten!!!!!
  14. Potterswheel

    Work light I'm going blind!

    Can anyone recommend a decent work light, Its a while since I have been so involved with my car and as time goes on I am struggling with my sight and tolerance of bright lights and changes between light and dark. I find most of the new LED's to be almost too bright. I installed LED lighting in...