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    Scary events.

    Seen this happen on BMW's before's, try and get Audi to replace it under warranty.
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    S4 Cab

    I average 18.5mpg on the drive into the city every morning in my cab (over 2500 miles), however over the weekend I did a 250 miles around the peak district & A1 and managed 27-28mpg. It all depends on how drive it, with a heavy left foot then yes it can drop to the low teens, but who in...
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    Symbol in Instrument Panel

    Reading the dipstick is just as hard on the A3 V6 3.2
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    2005 A4 Facelift

    Audi is close to finishing its family-wide facelift. Our world-exclusive photographs prove that Ingolstadt’s new company face will be grafted on to the A4 with this autumn’s facelift. Dominated by the vertical shield grille first seen on the A8 W12 and A6, the new nose is a radical move away...
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    Update on S4 cabriolet tiptronic problem

    DTI factsheet on Car Sales and Car Servicing
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    Update on S4 cabriolet tiptronic problem

    Under the Sale and Supply of Goods Regulations, even if S4Cabbie has agreed to allow the dealer to repair the faulty transmission he is still entitled to a refund if the repair turns out to be unsatisfactory.
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    Upcoming A4 Facelift

    Just another mockup (photoshop), you wont start seeing actual production cars until 2-3 months its it launch.
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    Upcoming A4 Facelift

    S4 facelift....It would look much better if the black part of bumper, where the number plate is was colour-coded.
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    Upcoming A4 Facelift

    Andrew, it's just AutoBild's (German car mag) interpretation of the facelift by adding the new corporate nose and A8 style rear.
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    Upcoming A4 Facelift

    AutoBild Mag reckons it will look like this:
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    Tiptronic Tranny failure S4 cab

    No problems on my S4 Cab, I think its just going to be a one-off cross contamination problem that must have happened in the factory. I'd be happy with the replacement box depending on how long it takes, plus i'd also want a 'goodwill gesture' off the deal. The problem with rejecting the S4 Cab...
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    Goodbye TT, Hello S4

    [ QUOTE ] scoTTy said: I'm having to be careful as the car is so smooth and easy revving it's very easy to hit the limiter! [/ QUOTE ] I know what you mean there, lots of speed for very few rev's and noise hence the Milltek going on mine!
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    my S4 Cab pics

    Martin, I haven't done many miles on it yet (30), but I did manage to bottom it out on a local country lane so there's some thinking to do on the handling side. The steering is quite light; you can sweep from lock to lock almost without moving your hands although it is speed sensitive so should...
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    my S4 Cab pics

    Thought it was about time I posted some pictures of my ride. (Sorry about the camera fone pics) First views: - The steering is to light. - The steering wheel feels very thin and looks cheap on a £45K car. - The Audi flip key also feels very cheap with rough edges. - Within 1 hour of...
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    Goodbye TT, Hello S4

    Congrats on the new car Scotty; You can't beat <font color="red">RED</font> on an S4
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    Body Kits

    For starters there's Audi own Sports kit.
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    Well it had to happen ...

    Sorry to hear the news At least you managed to catch up with him, did he admit the offence? Something similar happened to me a couple of year ago. I was doing 70mph on the M6 when a lorry in front me 'lost' a tyre tread, all I saw was this long black thing heading straight at me. It took off...
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    New A4

    I concur with Barry; If you plan on doing any engine tuning then go for the 1.8T if not then I'd go for the 3.0, you can't beat all that extra power and V-6 sound. You looking at 2WD or quattro?