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  1. leach76

    s3 intercooler upgrade gains?

    I agree with this as Statller Dyno'd a tuned ed30 before and after and the difference was around the 30bhp level which i was gob smacked at also
  2. leach76

    A3 Quattro- Fire

    I had this on my old car and there were a couple of other cases about,one of my coil packs decided the car was cold so it decided to light itself in to a small contained fire under my bonnet,luckily I saw the smoke straight away and unclipped it from the loom and disconnected the battery. but...
  3. leach76

    Mystery rumble...flywheel?

    Does the noise go when you press the clutch ?
  4. leach76

    I'm going to burn this car to the ground!!!

    If you burn it then you have been beaten ! the motor might run free when its not connected to anything but then again it will as there is nothing putting any resistance against it,sorry to say but I agree with Desertstorm something must be causing it .
  5. leach76

    Help Clutch pedal issue after new clutch fitted

    I thank you for your in put Steve and everyone else But that's the thing obviously some are having this problem and its a big job to strip,check and try and again as it was. My garage has fitting loads of clutches also to these including the Sach,Loba,Helix,Luk etc so I would be 99.9% sure...
  6. leach76

    Help Clutch pedal issue after new clutch fitted

    From reading what i have its random ,like i say type a description with those words in google and its a mine field over various years
  7. leach76

    Help Clutch pedal issue after new clutch fitted

    It's happening on 02m boxes (quattro) and 02q 2wd loads of posts on loads of forums even going back to the 8l chasis Type in google nls shim kit and see how many forum links come up but as you will see its not only happening with the sach...
  8. leach76

    Help Clutch pedal issue after new clutch fitted

    Mate there are thousands that have had no issues and its just the odd one that is happening to, the problem is we or no one seems to know if its something on the odd cars that has worn and not working to the full extent it should,if something is wrong parts wise,the annoying thing as you know on...
  9. leach76

    Help Clutch pedal issue after new clutch fitted

    This also maybe worth a read mate and as my garage are going to use mine as a lab rat they are going to try this as it may help them if it works with any issues with them in future plus its also worth a read mate...
  10. leach76

    Leaking rear wiper motor

    Replace it mate as its common and will only happen again
  11. leach76

    Help Clutch pedal issue after new clutch fitted

    Cheers for the reply mate Since then on the way to work I have had trouble engaging 1st gear when I had stopped at lights etc so i have dropped it back round at the garage as its no point me having it for it to become a big broke down stuck in gear in traffic problem. The only other thing i...
  12. leach76

    Help Clutch pedal issue after new clutch fitted

    Hello your help if you may i have had the uprated sach clutch fitted last week and gradually since then i have had an issue with the clutch pedal not returning to its original position but this only happens after down changing ie slowing down for lights or to turn a corner etc Now there are...
  13. leach76

    TTRS Engine Cover mods

    Statller get them done for customer's how they want, I think doing the silver the colour of the car would look good but also from memory the black panels come off so you could do them silver etc
  14. leach76

    GOLF R Downpipe Fit in AUDI S3 ?

    Should be exactly the same
  15. leach76

    Front bumper

    And because they are mesh they often split when you try to put pressure on them to push them back in.
  16. leach76

    smell of fuel. S3

    Also might be worth checking no leaks around fuel filter as that's under the drivers side of the car in front of the rear wheel on the floor and under the back seat on the drivers side is the entry point to the fuel tank but probably wont be either of these to be honest but i am just on about...
  17. leach76

    8p s3 remap and clutch in yorkshire?

    They have someone working the phones and forums now up until recently Steve and Craig were trying to do the work,run the shop answer the phones etc which was a hassle with how busy they are this is why the recent addition in staff.
  18. leach76

    Will an S3 exhaust fit A3?

    Sorry i don't know which way round it is now as not done one for ages but its either the back boxes that are different or the centre pipes ,could be the back box as the sport back rear floor panel is longer
  19. leach76

    8p s3 remap and clutch in yorkshire?

    Statller in sheffield i can recommend if you can get to that part of yorkshire. I know they have ordered some in stock as one of them is for me
  20. leach76

    Will an S3 exhaust fit A3?

    No then as the centre/back box is longer for a 5dr