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  1. timps

    HELP!! Symphony II to Symphony II+ Strange Radio Problem

    Somone in the USA ran a test and found the coding did not alter equalisation on the old Symphony II it just switched the Bose logo on. The test also revealed the flat equalisation needed for the Bose amps was achived by grounding the ‘Bose’ pin (labled GA on the Symphony II). If the GA...
  2. timps

    I.C.E. upgrade A3

    No because the bose system uses an external amp to power all the speakers. You can connect an aftermarket head unit to it, but it will not improve the sound and still require some wiring to be done. Not without bypassing the bose amp first. Rainbow, Alpine, Genesis are all very good...
  3. timps

    MP3 adapter?

    s8craig is his new user name.
  4. timps

    Colour Of New Engine Oil ...... Post service

    when I did my service the new long life oil looked decidedly old/ropey after 100 miles. I know it was all done correctly because I did it myself. I did a search on the net out of curiosity and it is a common issue and assumed it goes like that because it is quite a thin oil. If the car...
  5. timps

    Radiator Cooling Fans overrunning

    Radiator fan temperature sensors have been known to stick on Audi’s (some due to corrosion of the plug). Before buying a completely new system unplug cable number 9 (inspect the plug for possible tracking across the pins) from plug 14 in the diagram below. If the fan stops then you have...
  6. timps

    service indicator.

    Yes for the first few hundred miles while it works out your driving habits, IIRC it was about 500 on mine.
  7. timps

    Possible 1st Speeding Ticket - Advice Please

    Here is a link to the magistrates guide lines they are not mandatory but give a guide. Anything up to 40 and there is no point in a summons as the guide lines say 3 points same as the fixed penalty. 41 - 50 depends on the threshold...
  8. timps

    new concert 3 with bose

    That’s for the Symphony I the equalisation settings don’t exist in the Symphony II / Concert II so probably not in the Concert III And after testing it was found that vagcom does not alter the equalisation the extra wire does that it...
  9. timps

    new concert 3 with bose

    Vagcom can switch the Bose logo on & off on the concert II (no idea on concert III). But according to a few guys that have run tests in the USA it does not alter any sound settings, that side is handled by an extra wire in the radio harness that grounds a specific pin at the back of the...
  10. timps

    Can I tap CD changer outlet for switched radio power supply?

    The amp remote becomes live with the ignition key even if the radio is switched off by pushing the volume control. However it will stay live until the key is removed even if the ignition is off if that helps.
  11. timps


    Just renewed mine the cheapest for me was Audi Insurance beat my quote from privilege by £30 who was the next cheapest. Guaranteed to use an Audi approved repairer, courtesy car and foreign travel cover + 0% payment by instalments. Last year I was with Liverpool Victoria they added £90 to...