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    Best iPad App's...

    Maclife tells you how to do loads of stuff you wouldn't know about otherwise.
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    Iphone 3GS - How do I get my photos onto my laptop?

    Get the photobucket app and then transfer them without needing to connect to your pc - Witchcraft I tell yah!
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    Sky+ HD & Sound

    As others said mate - use an optical into a 5.1 system - no point in having HD and sh*t sound! Not a fan of HDMI doing picture and sound - a bit like having a washer-dryer; they never work as well as separate units. IMO it's better to push pictures through a dedicated HDMI and sound through a...
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    i phone apps, whats your favourite's?

    Dictionary Google Sky + : remote record from anywhere! Sky Mobile TV : watch sky news, sky sports and espn anywhere over 3G or wifi (I've gone mental a few times in coffee shops when Jesus has scorred...) Talksport : Radio app Photobucket IMDB : film/tv database Fonejacker - so funny when...
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    I've not seen any cheaper than others as they're to new - We're getting one next tomorrow or next week. We're going for the 32GB with 3G as my Wife works in London and has to sit on the train for an hour 1/2 every day! Don't bother with the stand, just get the case as the acts as a stand...
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    Problems looking at emails on my iphone 3gs

    Try your settings (in the settings menu) and under e-mails, make sure everything is ok - Failing that try deleting the account the re-adding the account. Hope this helps mate.
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    Sky freesat problem!

    You can't use the Sky+ unless you have a subscription mate :banghead:
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    Sky HD - Failed recordings

    Try a planner re-build mate, look on AV Forums for more info. If it still happens, i'd get the box swapped out. Which box is it - Samsung or Pace etc? Remember you'll probably have the new EPG, so make sure you're doing the right re-build as they're different commands depending on what EPG...
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    skobbler (i phone sat nav app)

    The CoPilot one is meant to be good - It's only £19 also, not a bad price.
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    Sky HD Box - Which one???

    I've had HD since it came out - We had a Thompson box up unitl a few days ago, when it finally died... That was ok but got very hot in it's old age! We now have a Samsung box and it's cool, no slow issues, never gets hot etc. Samsungs did have a problem with lip-sync according to AV Forums, but...
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    mobile phone upgrade

    Get an iPhone contract?!
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    Samsung 55" LED 3D TV

    My mate had a 55" Samsung LED - But it didn't even get out of the box; His wife said it was to big... He sent it back and got a 46" instead!
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    stud wall nearly ready for cinema kit and lcd

    :sadlike::crying::faint: pmsl - that's the sequence, after he's just read your post...
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    Bose iPod dock

    I recently bought a Bose 321 system, as having Mission floor standing speakers and and a full hi-fi rack, plus a surround sound system was taking up far too much room... They don't come cheap - Though i bought it from Bose and got it a lot cheaper than on the high street with a trade in of a...
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    Bose in ear headphones

    I bought a 321 system recently and when i first went into the Bose shop they were giving the noise cancelling ones as a deal - I thought in my wisdom that they'd still have it on next time.... When i went back in there to buy the system - Deal finished :crying:
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    Which Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound System

    I recently got a Bose 321 GS - Sounds the nuts, as i have a Dennon 6.2 and Mission Floor standers in my loft (not enough room in my house!) i wanted a decent stereo performance with minimal speakers and bulk from amps etc. If you buy from the outlet centre you can get £350 off :yahoo: I payed...
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    Just got a new Bose 321 GS

    Just got home with my new toy.... Sounds the nuts :icon_thumright: Can anyone recommend a decent Digital optical lead for good money? As for HDMI's just got a cable from for £5 that gets 5*'s from what hi-fi - Very impressed.