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  1. timps

    Flashing At Traffic Lights Turn Them Green?

    if E=mc2 then wherever there is mass there is energy and wherever there is energy there is mass. Light has momentum it can never be at rest but theoretically if light is trapped in a box with perfect mirrors so the photons are continually reflected back and forth in both directions...
  2. timps

    Flashing At Traffic Lights Turn Them Green?

    <pedant mode> light does move. ;) But I agree the detectors would not pick it up.
  3. timps

    Flashing At Traffic Lights Turn Them Green?

    During the early nineties when I came back from living in the states I brought my Gul radar detector back with me. The thing was a bit over sensitive & it always went ballistic every time I approached traffic lights, temporary or fixed with a sensor box attached (middle or top), it did...
  4. timps

    What was your 1st motorcycle

    First bike Yamaha TY 80 First bike I bought CR 250 I raced most of my life so countless MX and track bikes My road bike history Honda XL 100 Honda MTX 200 CBR 600 Fireblade VTR 1000 I would love another MTX200.
  5. timps

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  6. timps

    Problem loading driver

    Extract the downloaded folder. When you connect the lead to the computer the new hardware wizard box will appear *Select “no not at this time” Then select the option to *“Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” *Select "Search for the best driver in these locations"...
  7. timps

    Caught by a speedtrap! what would you do?

    Just harder to sell not impossible. If your buying a kit car or a specialist import then it will probably not bother you. But a normal UK car & most people think its had a chequered history and shy away without asking why its actually on a ‘Q’ plate. Quite a few years back my mate had a...
  8. timps

    Caught by a speedtrap! what would you do?

    It’s a number plate that starts with a "Q" instead of the age identifier. Means the car is of questionable age. Makes it a lot harder to sell
  9. timps

    Caught by a speedtrap! what would you do?

    I definitely agree with this. Also when your car goes for an MOT you would have to change back and then replace which kind of admits you know there was a problem with the plates. Ignorance is not a defence in court, a few years ago you could probably get away with it and given the benefit...
  10. timps

    Favourite Arnie Film Quotes...

    The Terminator: "No problemo". Total Recall : "If I am not me, who da hell am I?"
  11. timps

    What's the funniest thing on the Web?

    Dog on a plane :)
  12. timps

    Any bikers on here?

    I started off in trials as a child then raced motocross for quite a few years & after my knee gave up with the pounding I went into road race. Now in my mid thirties I just ride for fun. Got VTR 1000 at the moment, which I am in the process of selling to a mate (if he ever stumps up the...
  13. timps


    Omega Seamaster (full size) Uno 17 jewels Incabloc gold Watch Elco 15 jewels gold watch 1 Rotary 1 Timex 3 Seikos
  14. timps

    whats your favourite aftershave/perfume?

    I also have few bottles of Hi-karate aftershave left that my aunt bought me for Christmas.
  15. timps

    whats your favourite aftershave/perfume?

    Karl Lagerfeld – Jako Cologne
  16. timps

    UFC 66, any fans on the forum? (potential result spoiler within)

    Yep always watch UFC, Pride and K1 Last time they met I think Rampage has lost his edge and chuck has improved a lot since they last met. Chuck’s stance looks awful with his hands down by his side but it is very effective for him...
  17. timps

    Name the one option you wish you had..?

    The first thing I missed was cruise control I retrofitted that cheaper than the option cost. So I guess it has to be the sunroof my last Merc had one and I miss it now. :(
  18. timps

    Any Electricians/Plumbers out there?

    No they are protected. But legally you cannot buy a UK 3 pin plug without fuse protection built in and the maximum fuse you can buy to fit in this plug is 13 amps. The reason is we use a ring main circuit which is a complete loop of usually 2.5 mm² cable which is protected by a 30 A...
  19. timps

    Any Electricians/Plumbers out there?

    In the UK every appliance has a three pin plug with a fuse built in due to the the ring main principal in the US (where I assume your from) you don’t hence the confusion in the US you have individual breakers/fuses supplying each socket. The maximum rating of fuse in your washing...