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  1. Pork

    Inspection Service reset

    Thanks Zafi, you're right it's a faff! I found that you have to select a function from the drop menu in SRI and then before you select "do it" you can check and adjust the value it resets to.
  2. Pork

    Inspection Service reset

    Hi, I've used VCDS to reset the oil service but there is no option in the drop down for UK inspection reset, only USA or Canada. I have read about reading and resetting the values for channels 40 41 53 55 and 02 to zero and haven't tried that yet - just thought it strange that you can't do it in...
  3. Pork

    Help me decide guys

    Grey with the black edition trim looks mint. Estoril blue? Thought that was an S only colour unless exclusive order. You mean sepang?
  4. Pork

    Wheel refurbishment

    Be careful about getting any rotor repairs done on the cheap - and make sure you understand the process they intend to use. I've seen one of those smart repair guys paint match a rotor's diamond cut face on the boss's A6 BE and from a couple of feet away you couldn't spot it (and I was really...
  5. Pork

    New Here! Looking to buy an a4 avant.

    It's 5 years or 133k for the cam belt if it's a four pot diesel you're looking at so should've been done two years ago. At that sort of mileage I'd check it's had a clutch too... The 177 wasn't available till the 8.5 so if you're talking about the 170 I'd do some research into the real world...
  6. Pork

    Looking to buy a 2010-2013 A4 Avant Tdi

    I have a 2010 143 and overall consumption is around 43 mpg. On a good long run I almost get to 50 but realistically my every day run to head office is 40 this time of year. I don't kick the crap out of it everywhere but don't like to hang around. I had a 170 B7 before and that was horrible for...
  7. Pork


    I found the Conti's are definitely the worst tyre for tram-lining I've ever had. Had PS3's all round last time and they are hands down the best tyre I have ever bought. I went for a set of Goodyear Asy2's this time for two reasons, firstly they were £25 per tyre cheaper and secondly because they...
  8. Pork

    B&O Sub

    Hi, Does anyone know why there would be a difference between the B&O system in a B8 A4 avant and one in a B8.5 avant? I have the former and the bass is, I think, quite good but a colleague has the latter and despite spending a good half hour, we could not get the bass to sound as good. It almost...
  9. Pork

    Needle sweep

    You can't activate folding mirrors just with Carista/vag-com, if you have the hardware for folding mirrors they would already be working.
  10. Pork

    Which auto box

    Thanks guys, I know what you mean - no-one comes on a forum and posts "my car is great and works fine"! I think I need to try and get one for a day or two, hopefully now it's available on fwd cars the local dealer might have one for me to use the next time mine's in for servicing. I've been...
  11. Pork

    Which auto box

    Perfect, thanks. Still not too sure about the auto/manual thing - all this talk about the quirks of the S-Tronic on here is making me doubt if it's for me - I do spend quite a lot of time behind the wheel.....
  12. Pork

    Which auto box

    Is it possible to tell which auto box (s-tronic or multitragic) an A4 has other than going by the build sticker? I've been looking for an s-tropic avant for months but nothing is coming up for what I want to pay I know you could only have s-tronic on a Quattro but does that mean that if it is a...
  13. Pork

    Washer fluid top up - which fluid?

    Prestone, it's got that water dispersing stuff in it but it doesn't smear or cause the blades to chatter like f*** like some do.
  14. Pork

    Rim upsize

    Should've come like that from the factory - looks mint
  15. Pork

    Rim upsize

    Dammit you guys telling stories about your 20's and not posting pics!
  16. Pork

    Avant Rear Shock Absorbers

    Hi, Over the last few weeks the handling of my car has deteriorated drastically and I'm pretty sure the right rear shock has failed - it has become quite unstable in the last few days and feels like it patters when you hit a sunken roadwork or trench. Going to give TPS a call in the morning but...
  17. Pork

    Audi recall

    When I spoke to the service tech a couple of weeks ago he couldn't tell me what the fix would be but he did say that I wouldn't have the option not to have the update, if I didn't present the car on invitation they would carry it out the next time the car went in.
  18. Pork

    Audi recall

    How can it "move up the road tax bands"? The carbon output isn't effected by the defeat software.
  19. Pork

    Rattle - near windscreen

    My money is on one of the speakers on the dash rattling. My centre one does it now and then, probably set off by the recent drop in overnight temps?
  20. Pork

    Audi S4/RS4 Conversion - Worth the money?

    Not wanting to cast aspersions but when I see cars like this I always think of the poor souls RS4 that unwittingly and/or unwillingly donated all the body parts for a conversion like this. When will car manufacturers start implanting RFID tags in all major panels? It would wipe out 75% of...