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  1. AndymacA4

    where to locate the engine code...avu aeb

    My ebgine code is on the cylinder head. Pop off the plastic engine cover and the code should be clearly written on the top of the engine cover. It will be 3 letters. Should be easy to find. Also included on the first page of the service book as part of the car code.
  2. AndymacA4

    Oil advice and recommendations here

    Hi, whats best for my 2001 B6 Audi A4 1.8T. It has 77K on the clock, runs 10,000 mile fixed interval. It has no internal modification, but it does have aftermarket chip work that has eased the 150bhp up to about 180bhp-190bhp approximately. The cost of the oil is not an issue. What is the...
  3. AndymacA4

    PowerFlex Bushes - fitting

    The powerflex bushes need to be fitted using same technique as any bush, first get the old one out and the part that needs the new bush in on a bench. Clean up the part and then use a big vice with a suitable drift to ease the powerflex bush into the hole. This needs to be done very carefully as...
  4. AndymacA4

    how to clear the service light

    There shouldn't be a beep if the mileage for next service has been reset. When you press the spanner button, you should get a mileage till next service. That should have reset to 10,000 miles or 365 days. If it hasn't the reset by button pressing didn't work. You might need to take it to a...
  5. AndymacA4

    air filter

    The aire filter is at the front of the engine, left hand side as you look at it in the big black box. You'll need to remove the intake pipework from below the slam panel, split the airbox and remove the pipework around it to gain access.
  6. AndymacA4

    10k boost 1.8T Where to Spray?

    If after the turbo, there is a little blanked off cover on the intake manifold at the back, that would allow you to spray the stuff in, if before turbo, then probably best to take out the airfilter and spray it into the intake pipework from there. What part do you want to clean with it?