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    Can I stream via Bluetooth

    I can confirm this works fine with an android phone. Basically with the iPhone you get the song displayed on the nav and cluster but if you use the skip track buttons on the head unit or steering wheel it skips to iTunes (I only use spotify for music so don't know how it functions with iTunes)...
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    RNS-E Volume Issues

    did the mic not fix your issues then?
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    RNS-E Volume Issues

    I'd love to know if there is a fix. My 2011 car is the same and it drives me mad but everything I've read suggests there isn't much that can be done about it. Wife has a 2014 tt with the rns-e and bose and it is perfect, quiet when turned on and never has volume fluctuations
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    What wheels would you choose?

    Rotas for me. Make the a3 look much more current with the current audi models rolling out the factory on them. Also a treat that they are the easiest wheels I've ever had to keep clean:laugh:
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    What mpg are you getting in your 2.0tdi a3?

    Standard 170tdi cr. Last tank 50.3 mpg (calculated properly not on MFD) Usually overall between 50-55mpg. On runs around 60mpg, around town down to 45mpg. Most frugal car I've ever driven tbh, obviously stop start helps a lot in traffic Lifetime MPG on the car display is 54mpg so seems...
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    Just saw this.....a steal

    Certainly looks a clean car
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    Differences between the MK1 RNSE and the MK2?

    Id assume so. It basically fools the unit into thinking the connection is wired when in fact it is wireless so will act exactly the same. The bonus is the device has sw which allows it to talk to android devices and when paired that way the head unit outputs whatever is on the phone so can use...
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    Differences between the MK1 RNSE and the MK2?

    I purchased from I did a best offer of £50 which was accepted.
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    Differences between the MK1 RNSE and the MK2?

    I use a viseoo tune 2 air bluetooth adapter with the ami on my rns. Allows me to stream spotify from my android phone and change tracks with the head unit or steering wheel controls. Brilliant bit of kit, sound is superb too, just as good as through sd card. Also picks up where my phone was...
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    Random call from audi.

    Brake fluid change has been changed from every 2 years to every 3 years. I assume they'll just be going off the age of your car? £39.99 is a great price from a main dealer. Get it done, if you ever have the abs sensor fail and you want audi to fix it (watchdog vag problem well documented) you...
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    Deposit on 170 S Line but feels like a 140

    Sorry I mean the quattro is only available with the 170 engine and not the 140. I also have a 2wd 170 lol
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    Deposit on 170 S Line but feels like a 140

    I thought you could only get the quattro with the 170 diesel?
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    S3 parking sensors

    I'd love front and rear parkings sensors that would use my rns-e screen, it's just a pity they are so expensive:puke: The wife really needs them too!!
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    Error free LED number plate bulbs for facelift 8P - a decent alternative!

    Look excellent. Gonna give them a go thanks
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    Repaint OEM Rotor wheels

    Looks an awesome job. Looking forward to more pics!!
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    Esp fault fixed free of charge from audi?

    Id imagine they are using the pump fix kit at that price. If I recall properly midland vw quoted me before I went to vw and their price was around £280 all in so id try a vag specialist if you have one locally PS I'd give Audi customer service a call and tell them you've seen it on watch dog...
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    Esp fault fixed free of charge from audi?

    It was the worst timing ever for me as I'd just taken a deposit to sell it. I noticed it had been on watchdog so just went in and said I'd seen on the net that vw acknowledge that it was a fault and generally fix for free. Service man went away and spoke to warranty manager who said basically I...
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    Esp fault fixed free of charge from audi?

    Vw did mine for free on my 2006 gti. As long as it flags as g201 fault and it has fsh (mine was specialist after 3 years) they cover full cost. Imagine audi would be the same. That was august this year btw
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    Poor Radio Reception and Interference

    Cheers Nige, just found your post with the info ref the bose. Great post cheers
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    Poor Radio Reception and Interference

    Yea that's what they said. Problem is its no longer the warranty job it went it for so they're fighting the other dealer to pay as they fitted the wrong part. Fingers crossed they make it easy and just sort it out. So after the mod it works perfectly then? Cheers for your input Nigel