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  1. S3_Pricey

    Hello people!!

    :sign_welcome:...sweet car by the way...:)
  2. S3_Pricey

    new member

    Hey man, :sign_welcome: to the site...
  3. S3_Pricey

    Hey All!

    :sign_welcome:...what car do you have?
  4. S3_Pricey

    Hello all :)

    Welcome to the site dude, hope you manage to find a nice A3...what engine are you looking at getting?
  5. S3_Pricey

    Hi Everyone

    :sign_welcome:, like the car...
  6. S3_Pricey

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the any pics of the quattro?:photo:
  7. S3_Pricey

    Looking to buy a B5 01 \ 02 RS4

    welcome to the site...Hope u manage to find a nice RS4, im sure people on here will point you in the right direction...:)
  8. S3_Pricey

    hi newbie from bristol

    Hey, welcome to the site from a fellow Bristolian!(some of the time anyway) Hope you are enjoying the car, and will be good to see some pics...I also have a bit of an S3 rep, but wouldnt call it that really. It is, IMO, a nicly modded A3...Anyways enjoy the site bud...:thumbsup:
  9. S3_Pricey

    Hi, Newbie A6 owner here.

    Hey bud, welcome! I had a P reg A6 2.5tdi for 4 days before some fool wrote it off for me:slapped:. That was before the A3. Cracking engine in them tho, the 2.5. what exactly do u mean by diy sites? You should be able to find out anything you want to know from this one, and some stuff you dont...
  10. S3_Pricey

    I've Fired Up MY Quattro

    hey man, welcome to the site!!! hope you get all the advice you need...:)
  11. S3_Pricey


    welcome to the site dude...:friends:
  12. S3_Pricey


    as far as i know, the k03s was fitted to 1.8ts from 2001 onwards, but you would need to check the engine code to be sure. not sure on the engine codes so you would need to search the forum for previous posts as it has been covered before...
  13. S3_Pricey


    The exaust is really up to you, but I know that a few people on here have milltek systems. As for induction kits, different people will tell you different things. the general consensus is to stay away from any induction kit with an oiled filter as there is the possibility that this may damage...
  14. S3_Pricey


    as for handeling upgrades, there are a few. change springs and shocks, or coilover plus upgraded anti roll bar...
  15. S3_Pricey


    Hello and welcome. The k03s will bolt strait on. I have been looking for one for a while, they pop up from time to time on ebay. You could also try looking in the classifieds on various forums. You can use a k03s from an audi, VW and seat. The K03s from an A4 will not fit however due to the...
  16. S3_Pricey


    Nice, you will defo appreciate the remap! perhaps you could fit the facelift headlights too? think they would look sweet. neways, enjoy the site, n post up some pics when you have them...:o.k:
  17. S3_Pricey

    Any 1.6 a3 member? Newbie here.....

    :sign_welcome:, if you check the A3/S3 section of the forum you will be able to find pics of most of the A3s on this site. enjoy...
  18. S3_Pricey


    Hello, and welcome. im sure u will be able to find all the information you need on this site. people on here a pretty knowledgeable. have you got any plans for the car?
  19. S3_Pricey

    hello from a fellow vag lover!

    hey, 1st of all welcome. Love the Ibiza, looks sweet n not OTT. The golf is coming along nicely... with a supercharged VR6 will be seriously fast:scared2:
  20. S3_Pricey

    gasman needs s4 mirrors for 06 a4 sline

    welcome, hope you find what u need on here:icon_thumright: