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  1. Will.T

    Just saying hello

    Ah okay....nice man. Cheers, I'll crack on with that on the weekend then
  2. Will.T

    S3 Newbie

    Welcome to the forum mate. Just picked up my first Audi last Monday.....S3 8P. Literally can't stay out of it, already spent so much on fuel :tearsofjoy: Get some more pictures up :icon thumright:
  3. Will.T

    New to the forum

    Welcome mate. Love that blue, looks very clean :hearteyes:
  4. Will.T

    First post

    Welcome dude.....nice car. Get some more pics up :thumbs up:
  5. Will.T

    Just saying hello

    Welcome mate :icon thumright: just got my first Audi on Monday, very clean other than the wheel hubs are a bit rusty. How are you planning on removing the rust? Think I'm going to give it a tackle on Sunday.
  6. Will.T

    Back in an audi s3

    Hi mate, Haven't had an Audi before let alone an S3. Currently looking around the market and doing to some research on the 8P just need a sportback. How come you came back to one and what did you have between your last one and this one out of interest? Love the colour by the way. I'm after...
  7. Will.T

    Soon to be S3 owner (hopefully)

    Forgot to add, do all the S3 8P's have the Quattro system? Thanks.
  8. Will.T

    Soon to be S3 owner (hopefully)

    Hi All, I'm currently looking into getting an S3 8P. I've been looking around the forum, some YouTube videos and some other reviews and I really like the look and sound of the them overall. I'm currently driving an 03 Subaru Impreza and feel I want/need something smoother, smarter and just as...