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  1. Stratts

    Looking for some small mods to my A3......

    I have a reversing boot mat (carpet one side, rubber the other) that I am looking to sell. I used it for my dog but the car is going soon so it is no longer needed. It is the larger one that folds in half and covers the whole of the boot area (including back of the rear seats if you fold them...
  2. Stratts

    Does size matter?

    Hi chaps, I am currently looking out for an RNS-E for my A3, but there is a guy local to me selling a unit from an A4 (08 plate). I have seen a thread before where someone cut a unit to fit in their A2, so I was wondering if it is possible to adjust an RNS unit from an A4 or even A6 to fit...
  3. Stratts

    A3 2.0 TDI Quattro Vs Non-Quattro

    I think the quattro models have a smaller boot owing to the rear diff taking up some of the floorspace.
  4. Stratts

    Does this look a bit dodgy......?

    As the reg number is shown in the advert, just do an online history check, which costs about £8 IIRC. It will tell you some of the history and that way you don't have to make the journey if it is no good. As others have said you need to do more thorough checks if/when you do go and see it...
  5. Stratts


    Probably a good job, looks like a dodgy advert to me.
  6. Stratts

    Bluetooth issue

    Have you checked the phone settings? Most require you to select "connect automatically" when you set up the pairing. Alternatively try it with another phone.
  7. Stratts

    Standard Vs Bose sound system, help needed

    Just to add my 2p worth, I have the Bose and it is a good system, but really it depends on what type of music you listen to and from what source. I listen to the radio a lot and for me the Bose does little to improve the sound, but stick in a CD and the difference is clear. Bear in mind I...
  8. Stratts

    Parcel Shelf Net?

    Just in case anyone wants this on their new car, it comes as part of the Storage Pack (along with the net in the passenger footwell, nets on the back of the front seats and under-seat tray). The brochure describes this part as a "map net in the glovebox" but it should say under parcel shelf...
  9. Stratts

    Bluetooth as standard.

    No because your original order is price protected. You will pay the price that was agreed when you ordered the car, if you get any extras as standard then you benefit there as well. If you work out what the car is priced at now, I am sure you will find that you are benefitting my a few pounds.
  10. Stratts

    Poor MPG Tdi 140

    I drive 115 miles a day commuting to work and I need to fill up every weekend. I usually end up with about 600 miles each tank, and there is always a bit left. I don't rag my car around and spend 90 odd miles each day on the M25, and through the roadworks (50mph limit) the computer can go mad...
  11. Stratts

    Contact at audi uk

    My car came from Milton Keynes and it is all mine (sort of)...
  12. Stratts

    Xenon retro-fit help...

    If you are going to do this, please get the levelling and washers as well. Being illegal without them is one thing (perhaps not a major concern to some people), but they are dangerous to other road users if not cleaned and level as they have a similar effect to main beam lights. Sorry to be...
  13. Stratts

    TDI 170 PD MPG - DIS / MPG accuracy? (pessimistic)

    This goes a bit aginst the logic of cruise control. Most 'experts' suggest that cruise is far better at holding a constant speed compared to the driver, who inevitably will move his/her foot slightly and therefore be unable to keep the same speed. This makes cruise much more economical over a...
  14. Stratts

    Personalized plates and legalities

    For what it is worth I have exactly the same feelings about this as h5djr, can't see the point of changing to non-standard plates and if you choose to do it then just accept that some traffic officers or cameras will pick you out. I do also agree that it is a bit of a pointless law, but it is...
  15. Stratts

    more scum bags around

    Absolute joke, you'd have thought that someone would have seen something. Like all public car parks, the security is non-existent, except when you park "wrongly" and then they call out your car reg over the tannoy and make you feel like a criminal. Poor effort. I am at Bluewater tomorrow, I...
  16. Stratts

    Auto Lights Retro

    As stated, I couldn't order the autodimming mirror as it was only available as part of a pack that I didn't (regretfully) order. Sounds like a bit too much hard work when the car isn't even mine. I'll just have to get the wife to learn how to use the lights properly - she has been spoilt by...
  17. Stratts

    Auto Lights Retro

    Hi All After yet another day of my missus forgetting to put the lights on and getting flashed, I thought I would look to see how easy it would be to add auto lights to my BE. Can anyone direct me to a guide somewhere or tell me what parts and wiring I need to complete? Thanks.
  18. Stratts


    I just treat it as when the computer says 0 miles left, refill asap. I did this last week and put 52 litres in just after it hit zero. As i have a maximum capacity of 55 litres the car could easily have done another 30 miles + if I drove sensibly. The reserve is just a term for the last 5...
  19. Stratts

    Audi Guarantee Warranty

    This is not the case. As long as you use 'genuine' Audi parts (including oil) then you can have it serviced anywhere without voiding the warranty. Just keep all the receipts to prove it. The EU Block Exemption rules changed all of the servicing and warranty requirements about five years ago...
  20. Stratts

    how easy is it to install a dvd sat nav from audi in to a concept radio 2009 slot.

    As someone with a strong Essex/E.London accent (so I'm told), I have no issue with the SDS. I only use it for my Bluetooth dialling (either saying the number or using the stored names function) and it is fine, unless I speak too fast and then it goes all funny.