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  1. marktdisport

    Annoying cat likes my car more than I do !

    If that was my car and not my cat mmm cat soup maybe
  2. marktdisport

    Is he lying? (sounds like an advice column thread)

    Or just tell him to f@&k off and get a job........
  3. marktdisport

    2 Flush or not 2 Flush, That is the Q !

    I'd never be using engine flush m8... Once seen a kid use engine flush and thought he had to get the engine hot so within 5-10 mins the phone was ringing as he seized the engine and needed towing back...if it waters down the oil that much to destroy a engine in such short time then it won't be...
  4. marktdisport


    audi tamworth are also the same..... totally disrespectfull if you dont look like you got £250k in the bank etc.....yet the sales team are probably on peanuts anyhows.... was also thinking of selling my house i rent this year to free up some cash flow but think im sticking with the housing...
  5. marktdisport

    Epic Audi Picture thread

    fran think i spotted you in BARRY a few weeks back just noticed your pic and im sure it was the same car......
  6. marktdisport

    remapped A3 140 tdi

    we contacted the mappers and they blame the poor qaulity of the turbo fitted but now this one just been fitted is a new upgraded model so time will tell, i was under the impression it was the extra power the turbo is running but they asure us it's fine and just junk turbo's now using a garret...
  7. marktdisport

    remapped A3 140 tdi

    DEFO THE TURBO M8 !!!! my brother is now on his 3rd turbo 56 plate,70k miles, 140tdi jetta remapped to 170,every time it's been a bearing failure in the compressor housing, becarefull it doest go pop and run up on oil because then it will be engine failure..... The last one was really annoying...
  8. marktdisport

    Good Audi specialist near Shrewsbury, Shropshire

  9. marktdisport

    Help Me Choose An Audi!

    dont see why you got any need to map or fit a tuning box to a 1.9/2.0 tdi when after all your coming from a 1.4 hdi 207..... the idea is cheap motoring aint it..... so the 1.9 or a 2.0 tdi should be a good purchase maybe a little less mpg than the 207 but lots better build quality than a french...
  10. marktdisport

    Economical Fun Car

    keep the s3 m8.....
  11. marktdisport

    Help Me Choose An Audi!

    there is a 1.6 tdi A3 ???? but you'll be needing lots more than 8k lol think the earliet date of build is 2009 onwards but maybe 14k would be needed...... the little pug will be a hard car to beat for cheap running...... but you certainly get lots more luxury and exciting driving m8
  12. marktdisport

    track day toy idea's ?

    fun & cheap !!! gota be a saxo vts all day long.... there was a y plate vts by me last week for sale 1 owner, only got £900 for it totally standard and mint so get a tatty one for half that... not much weight on a stripped out one set of cams and throttle bodys maybe will see you some serious...
  13. marktdisport

    audi dealers - do they actually want my money?

    i think someone should copy any paste this thread and send to them just to show how racked off we are with there poor sales and aftersales service we get