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  1. MattS5

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    Just thought I'd say hi to the driver of the green A3 8L who didn't seem to want to let me merge into traffic after the lights on Woodcock rd junction with the Aylsham rd this evening in Norwich. Having seen the audi sport sticker in your rear quarter light, I thought you might have shown a...
  2. MattS5

    Another silver S3…lets see what happens..

    That's WSR's place down in Sunbury isn't it? How long ago were you down there? I worked in the RAC sponsorship team when they ran the BTCC cars for us 5 or 6 years ago. I had a few, (far too many) weekends having a "social" drink with a lot of the lads who ran the 2 cars back then. Tipper...
  3. MattS5

    Wheel Refurbs in the London and South East. Please tell me your experiences

    You'll struggle to find anyone more professional than these guys: Lepsons | Alloy Wheel Repairs UK | Alloy Refurbishment | Refurbishments | Swindon | Gillingham I did a 280 mile round trip to drop my S3 there 5 years ago (when I had it) and they refurbed 3 of the 4 18" RSTT rims on it to...
  4. MattS5

    Traffic cops - BBC1

    I prefer to call it active discussion :)
  5. MattS5

    Traffic cops - BBC1

    But why is it terrible? On the schedule of insurance, the guy said it was parked in the garage. The risk would have been rated on the car being out of view at night, and the premium reduced accordingly. You cant get away leaving the car on the drive when it should be locked up. If the...
  6. MattS5

    TT foot rest/pedals

    Soak em in hot water before applying them, or you'll curse them for 30 mins whilst trying to get them on before giving up and nursing your fingers.........10 min job if you've put them in boiling water :o)
  7. MattS5


    I know a lady at work who has one for sale if you need to replace it: 02 reg 75k Black She has just replaced it with an A2. Let me know by PM if you want more details
  8. MattS5

    'Ring Trip Preperation

    I always think its worth taking a torque wrench. Check them each morning and then before you leave to drive the 250+ miles back to calais
  9. MattS5

    looking for a dolphin grey S3

    I've known the last 2 owners of this car, its been very well cherished. He is also wanting to move it on due to plans for a move to OZ. It is, as far as I'm aware, still for sale as I placed an advert on tyresmoke for him last week.
  10. MattS5

    Aerials - A little help please!

    I had a type r aerial on my old S3. Cost me £20 from Honda. Anyone wants its, they can have it for a tenner posted. Its as new. :o)
  11. MattS5

    S3 V S4 power graph

    No, its the B6 (4.2 V8)
  12. MattS5

    S3 V S4 power graph

    When I bought the S4, I was looking to try and compare the power against my remapped S3. I couldn't find any power charts at the time, but soon as I drove an S4, I knew it just felt stronger across the whole rev range. I thought it would be a good idea to get the S4 on the rollers, and see...
  13. MattS5

    Speed Camera Detectors

    With a radar gun they can. I have 6 points and got a £350 fine to prove it ;)
  14. MattS5

    Obsessed by your car?

    I recently sold my S3 and kept all receipts for the extras and servicing I spent on it. Everything has to be just right with any car I a touch over 2 years I spent £4,900 !! This did include a Revo, Clutch and Cambelt service though. Add in the depreciation of around £4.5k and...
  15. MattS5

    Cant keep away, what do you guys think of this?

    I just sold my 2002 02 plate with 44k miles. Very very mint condition, Silver, 18" RSTT's, full black leather, Cruise, Bose, phatbox and chrome mirrors. Full history, R32 ARB's and a Revo for £12k Had it up at £12.5 originally and had no replies. When I stuck it at £12k I had 3 people...
  16. MattS5

    cd changer ebay

    Yep it is the same Pics are available, I just took them !
  17. MattS5

    cd changer ebay

    i'll go check in the garage now...........
  18. MattS5

    cd changer ebay

    You can have the one from my old S3 for £75 + delivery if you like. (I only removed it to replace it with a Phatbox so it works fine) Cheers Matt
  19. MattS5

    Milltek cat back - whats it worth ?

    Thanks for the (differing) opinions folks, will see how I get on with the 2 PM's i've had for this, or next stop will be e-bay. (my car just sold tonight too, so now activley looking for a B6 S4 which will be getting the Milltek treatment too)
  20. MattS5

    Milltek cat back - whats it worth ?

    Just removed my Milltek cat back exhaust from the S3 i'm selling classifieds. Any idea what I should ask for it? Its 10 months old and is the resonated type, so cost £450 new. Is it right around £350 do you reckon ?