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    Help needed with S3

    Simon, Doesnt really explain why the 964 was not called a 989?? If thats the only reasoning for the 993 and 996 then they have big problems with what to call the next one!!!
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    ABT badges

    17th OK for me at the moment
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    new key

    Lewea, Welcome to the board but I am sure a lot of people here in the UK wouldn't mind paying a bit more for their cars if we had the amount of space, climate and traffic levels you have in Australia ------------------
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    Front brake pads

    Reception can be very iffy but generally not bad. I think Matt has got the cable for the DVD but remember reading it was only mono sound. Think it was Beebee who got it for him when he had his TV fixed so it worked when car was moving. ------------------ Only 17 days, 408 hours until we meet...