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  1. Buck

    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Screen grabs below
  2. Buck

    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Hi yes it still says Google in the right. two ways to check (I). Look at the top of the screen and it now says Inagery (c) getmapping plc (II) in map setting the map display option now is “satellite map”’rather than Google maps
  3. Buck

    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    It must have been a glitch as the maps are perfect again now.
  4. Buck

    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Cheers @L_G My experience is that it seems not to download the images quickly for anywhere that it hasnt cached and so they are just a blurry background with no detail. A country mile from what I see when using Google maps via my phone. I was wondering if Audi are limiting the download in...
  5. Buck

    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    I’ve had my SatNav updated via Audi and generally good but recently I’ve noticed that the maps are quite poor quality to the point of being very blurred. Has anyone else noticed this? I’ve got the satellite maps subscription active and can’t see any other map settings that will affect this...
  6. Buck

    Google earth not loading

    My March 2017 B9 A5 was in for an ECU recall/update today and I asked them to update the sat nav. All done and satellite view now restored. Whilst not the same as Google Earth it’s goo enough and far better than the standard maps.
  7. Buck

    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    I might contact Audi in the New Year. Likely I am changing it for another A5 come March but it would be good to have the maps working for resale if I decide to sell private rather than part-exchange.
  8. Buck

    A4 avant B9 power tailgate closes too soon.

    PS. When was the car registered ? Is it a B9 model?
  9. Buck

    A4 avant B9 power tailgate closes too soon.

    Sorry, I missed your reply. Try this 1. Open tailgate 2. Push it up to the highest height manually with your hands 3. Press and hold the close button on the tailgate until you hear the confirmation tone. It might just need a reset. The button just above the number plate should unlock the...
  10. Buck

    A4 avant B9 power tailgate closes too soon.

    Is there some setting you’ve triggered for it to auto close as a security feature? A bit like the auto lock after 20 seconds?
  11. Buck

    What should I choose...S4 or S5?

    I think the S5 over the S4 as well. The S4 saloon is nice but not quite the package for me. S4 Avant is great - I had an avant before even though I didn't need the space I just preferred the look! Now in an A5 Sportback - much nicer than my neighbours A4 !! :) PS here's a link to an S5 via...
  12. Buck

    Towbar Bike Racks

    We’ve got an earlier version of this Works really well and the tilt function even with 4 bikes on means you still get access to the boot.
  13. Buck

    Start-Stop question

    It’s not just the temperature either. It is the current being drawn from the fan; heated rear window etc etc and if this is relatively high then the engine won’t switch off It is the same in summer when you have the aircon running at quite a low temp co pared to outside, the engine won’t...
  14. Buck

    Audi pre sense warning.

    It’s “arming”the system so nothing to worry about. Mine stays on when I have the towbar/bike rack on but that is by design.
  15. Buck

    New car - Paintwork protection options

    I'd definitely go down the ceramic coating via a professional car detailer. I've had mine done and the car stays cleaner and when dirty, a quick snow foam and rinse gets it 90% clean. If I wash it then the whole process is quicker as the paint is slicker and the dirt isn't as bonded.
  16. Buck

    Audi MMI Navigation - 2017 Update

    If it is SD based then you can't update the maps in this way. The only option is to purchase a new SD card with the latest maps but it will cost ££££s
  17. Buck

    Pre-sense activation

    Good to hear it worked in a real situation. I've had it go off a few times but all false alarms. On Friday it did actually brake for me as it sensed a group of pedestrians walking towards me on the pavement of a right hand bend. Quite scary at first but quickly realised what had happened and...
  18. Buck

    Rear Cup Holders Question

    Yes, I was thinking that!
  19. Buck

    Rear Cup Holders Question

    I was hoping for this as it would be good for my boys to have these but... I think you'll need a new arm rest for the cup holder cartridge to fit into. I looked at my arm rest and there is no opening for a cartridge to fit into. the design looks different :(
  20. Buck

    annoying buzzing /rattle

    Nothing tucked away in your door bin that's causing it? Have you tried touching/pushing specific parts of the door to see if that stops it or is it more internal? Once you've located it that's more than half the battle and stops you going loopy :tonguewink: